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Project: A lifelike and functional passive prosthetic hand for infants

Centre for Leadership in Innovation


  • Matt Leineweber
  • Sandra Ramdial
  • Lisa Artero
  • Jan Andrysek
  • Student Team:James Klein, Ian McKenzie, Gabrielle Sebaldt, Angela Yoo

What was this study about?

What did we do?

Impact for clients, families and clinical practice

Our prosthetic hand is the first to combine affordability with lifelike appearance, small-size, and grasping ability.Since commercial prosthesis companies are not currently producing prosthetic hands for children this small, our project is directly addressing the needs of Holland Bloorview clients that would not otherwise be met.

What did we learn?

Next steps

We will work to continue to improve the design safety, durability, and function of the current design while exploring alternative approaches and materials.These improvements will be guided by feedback from our pilot study.