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Please note, masking is still mandatory at Holland Bloorview. A medical grade mask will be available upon entry.


Shape the future of Holland Bloorview

Together, we will continue to create the most meaningful and healthy futures for children, youth and their families.

Campfire with ideas

Join us at our upcoming strategy planning engagement activities. Together, we will examine all the ways Holland Bloorview can support healthy and meaningful futures for children, youth and their families.

As our No Boundaries strategic plan comes to an end in March 2023, we have the opportunity to reflect on the past five years as well as the current healthcare, scientific and academic environments to set our new priorities and define how we want to evolve as an organization. We need you to tell us what we should be doing more of, what we should be doing less of and what should be brand new.

Over the last month, over 250 clients and families, staff, volunteers, students, and external partners participated in 10 Campfires.  In these inclusive and engaging conversations, we focused on five “big questions”

  1. What are the concrete next steps to advance equity, inclusion and belonging at Holland Bloorview?
  2. How can we co-create a restorative, re-energizing environment for everyone who touches Holland Bloorview?
  3. How do we learn and adapt in our work more quickly and with more impact?
  4. How do we leverage what we know to individualize experiences and generate impact at the population level?
  5. How do we grow our capacity to meet holistic and complex needs?

These “big questions” were developed based on feedback from our community and what we have accomplished and learned over the last five years. Click on any of the questions to learn more.

Now we are entering the next phase of our work, called Sparks, taking place between December 5 and January 31. Clients, families, staff, volunteers, students and external partners will have the opportunity to share their voice in a variety of quick, easy and accessible ways including surveys, feedback walls, focused meetings and discussions.

Together, we will continue to create the most meaningful and healthy futures for children, youth and their families.

Our process

Watch this video message from Julia Hanigsberg, our president and CEO, to see why we want you to help shape the future of Holland Bloorview.

Together with our consultants at the Potential Group, we have created a series of fun, engaging and interactive activities inspired by a camping theme. The majority of our engagement sessions will take place between late October 2022 and January 2023. These activities include large-scale, in-person and virtual engagement sessions (Campfires) and more targeted, and focused discussions (Sparks).

Strategy Process OVerview

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Orienteering - July to September

  • Meetings with key leaders and representative voices in the HBKR community to share the process and topics

Campfires - October to November

  • 10 campfires on 5 overarching themes co-facilitated by Potential Group and Holland Bloorview. Each session offered once in person and once online

Sparks - November to January

  • Sub-committee co-leads will have conversations with colleagues, teams and/or committees
  • Feedback walls in various locations around Holland Bloorview (and virtual)
  • Online surveys
  • And more!

Stargazing - January to March

  • Translating input from Campfires and Firestarters into initial strategic framework

Regatta - February to May

  • Equip leaders to bring the strategy to their teams to set goals and metrics
Our commitment

Throughout all strategy planning engagement activities, we commit to…

  1. Create a safe, creative space to foster creativity, vulnerability, dialogue and risk-taking.
  2. Listen, understand and ensure nothing is left unsaid. 
  3. Learn together and create a restorative space for us to grow.
  4. Build upon our learnings, collaborations and rich past to imagine future possibilities.
  5. Commit to draw on the strengths, passions, expertise and experiences of our clients, families, staff and external partners. 
  6. Renew our commitment to our clients, families and staff.
  7. Make all events, accessible, inclusive and easy to get involved. 
  8. Address not only what we want to add but also what we want to remove. 

Q: Can I attend more than one Campfire?
A: Yes – you can attend as many Campfires as you choose. Each Campfire will be two hours and is focused on one of five themes. There will be two Campfire sessions per theme – one virtual and one in-person. You can attend all the Campfire sessions if you wish. If you can’t make all of them, we suggest that you choose the ones that are most relevant or have the most meaning to you.

Q: What is the difference between a Campfire and Spark session?
A: Each Campfire aims to have about 30 participants and will focus on one of the five themes and have 3 to 4 sub-topics that will be explored through open group discussions and in some cases, by walking through a scenario for the group to react to. Sessions will run during October and November.
Sparks are focused on getting deeper input and feedback on specific ideas coming out of the Campfires through smaller targeted groups and informal interactions. Sparks will begin in November – more information will be available once Campfire sessions get underway.

Q: How will Holland Bloorview create a safe space for participation?
A: Campfires will be guided by an external trusted partner with expert facilitators, who are trained in creating a safe and open environment. If you are not comfortable in the group setting of Campfires, you can share your feedback through an upcoming Spark session that are smaller and less formal. More details on Sparks will be announced as Campfires get under way. You can also provide feedback by connecting with one of the Strategic Planning Taskforce co-leads or by sending your feedback to or call us at 416 425 6220 extension 3121.

Q: Will I need to commit my time beyond just the Campfire session if I sign up for one?
A: While there may be further opportunities to participate in the more focused Spark sessions later this year and early next year, your commitment does not need to extend beyond the Campfire session.

Q: Will Campfire sessions be recorded?
A: Yes, the virtual Campfire sessions will be recorded and available to view via link from our Campfires webpage.

Q: I am not able to attend the Campfire session that is of interest to me, but I really want to share some thoughts and ideas. How can I do this?
A: We would love to hear your feedback. Please share your feedback through an upcoming Spark sessions (details to be announced) , connecting with one of the Strategic Planning Taskforce co-leads or by sending your feedback to or call us at 416 425 6220 extension 3121.

Q: Is the process accessible?
A: Yes, we want everyone in our community involved in this important initiative. We are
committed to making the process as accessible, inclusive and easy as possible for everyone. You can participate in the Campfire sessions virtually or in person. Virtual sessions will be captioned and the in-person Campfires are physically accessible. We are also taking accommodation requests through the sign-up process. If you have any other requests or accommodation that will make your participation easier, please contact: or call us at 416 425 6220 extension 3121.

Q: Why is it important to participate in this process?
A: This is our opportunity to shape the future of Holland Bloorview and how we want to evolve as an organization together. It is our opportunity to choose what we do more of, less of and what should be brand new. We want you to be involved.

Q: What is happening with our No Boundaries strategic plan?
A: Our 2017- 2023 No Boundaries plan will conclude at the end of this fiscal year, March 31, 2023. We have achieved a great deal under No Boundaries, some of which is documented in our 2020 Strategy Check-In document. We are using everything we have accomplished under this plan as a starting point for this engagement exercise, beginning with five “big questions” that we will discuss during our in-person and virtual Campfires. You can sign up here.

Q: When and how will we know the outcome of this process?
A: Our new strategic plan will be finished and launched to staff and our community in the spring of 2023.

Q: I still have a question about the strategic planning process and the Campfires. Who can I contact?
A: You can send your question to or call us at 416 425 6220 extension 3121 – we would love to hear from you.

Contact info

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Tel 416 425 6220 extension 3121

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