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BLOOM has quickly become one of my favourite blogs from parents dealing with children who have a disability. — KJ Dell’Antonia, Motherlode, The New York Times 

BLOOM is the single best magazine and website about disabilities that I have read.  It always addresses practical issues, but it always does so in the widest and deepest way, describing people and perspectives and telling stories that stay with me with for months after I read them. BLOOM is a godsend to parents of children with disabilities; I only wish it was more widely read, both in the medical and helping professions, and in the wider parenting community.  
Ian Brown, author of The Boy In The Moon: A Father’s Search For His Disabled Son

BLOOM is a beautiful magazine—it’s honest about the challenges of its subjects, and inspirational in its description of how people rise to the occasion of great apparent difficulties.  It carries a message of honest hope, and must give many people facing intractable difficulties the certainty that their lives and their struggles are worthy and meaningful.  It’s written with élan and moral clarity.  It’s an invaluable addition to the literature of disability and difficulty.  — Andrew Solomon, author of Far From The Tree

Writer Louise Kinross has something unique and personal going on here.  She has nurtured an active, loyal community and with good reason … this is blogging at its best. — Mark W. Schaefer, social media educator at Rutgers University, blogger and author of The Tao of Twitter

It’s frequent that I have a child on my caseload with a diagnosis I’ve never seen before.  BLOOM is a helpful network to try to find resources for myself and pass along to parents. It also brings in cutting-edge technologies and therapies because of its affiliation with Bloorview. — Liz Rudick, early intervention physiotherapist in Oregon

BLOOM offers an international perspective so essential to providing children with special health care needs or disabilities with a full spectrum of resources, supports and opportunities. — Nancy DiVenere, Parent to Parent USA

The BLOOM issues get passed around here until they are dog-eared.  I have used several of the articles for training sessions for the assistants here in the community. Thanks for the incredible work you are doing in transforming our attitudes towards disability! — Jenn Power, Community Leader, L’Arche, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

I refer many of the folks I meet to your magazine and I always tell them what a lifeline it is for me as a parent. The honesty and questioning and exploration are wonderful and freeing. —Sheila Dobson, Special-education teacher and parent, Ontario