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Client and family-centred care in action

Client and family centred care (CFCC) is one of Holland Bloorview’s core values and we are committed to a family centred approach in all we do. The Family Leadership Program (FLP) is at the heart of CFCC. The FLP creates partnerships with families so that their unique wants, needs and preferences are included in all areas of program planning, delivery and evaluation at Holland Bloorview and the Bloorview Research Institute. 

The FLP team supports staff to meaningfully partner with families and empowers families to harness their lived experiences to improve care delivery across the hospital and research initiatives conducted in the Bloorview Research Institute.

The program was formalized in 2011 and now consists of over 120 volunteer Family Leaders who partner on over 200 special projects and committees internally and externally every year. Family Leaders also provide one-on-one peer support, share their story at new staff orientation, co-teach clinical students and present at conferences globally.

Program recognition milestones
  • 2013: FLP recognized as a leading health care practice by Accreditation Canada
  • 2015: won a 20 Faces of Change Award from The Change Foundation for the employee CFCC simulation training, co-developed by Family Leaders
  • 2017: won the international Sherman Award for Excellence in Patient Engagement for the employee CFCC simulation training, co-developed by Family Leaders
  • 2018: Received the Merck Patients First Award
  • 2018: Honorable Mention from Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care’s Partnership Award for the innovative training for leaders in education, health, children and community services. 
  • 2019: Received Innovative Team Award from The Beryl Institute for creation of the Family Leader Accreditation Group (FLAG) with Quality and Safety team. 
  • 2019: Received Children’s Healthcare Canada Award for Organizational Leadership
  • 2021: The “Teaching and Facilitation Course for Family as Faculty” is recognized as a leading practice by Health Standards Organization
Presentations & Webinars

Best practices in family engagement and partnership: This webinar shares best practices and lessons learned in advancing family-led goals at Holland Bloorview. Learn about the success factors and lessons learned from this high engagement model of client and family partnership, and explore how this model of family engagement can be applied in your organization. 

Source: Children’s Healthcare Canada, SPARKS Webinars

The Power of Family Partnerships: This webinar is designed for health-care providers who are looking at how to successfully implement practice changes by co-designing with clients and their families. The purpose of this webinar is to inspire health-care providers and organizations to carefully listen to and integrate the lived experiences of diverse clients and families when implementing best practice guidelines into care. This webinar features Suzanne Jorisch, a Family Leader, as a co-presenter.

Source: Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario, Best Practice Network

Patient Engagement: Lessons Learned from the Pandemic on Collaborating with Patients, Caregivers and Families to Enhance Patient Safety and Quality Care: This webinar shares engagement-based innovations during the pandemic that can help foster and support a culture of patient and family-centred care as well as quality and safe care within your organization. This webinar features Cheryl Peters, a Family Leader, as a co-presenter.

Source: Health Quality Ontario, Quality Rounds