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ECHO Ontario Autism

What is Project ECHO?  Project ECHO® is a movement to “demonopolize” or “democratize” specialist knowledge by offering online sessions that combine didactic and case-based learning to community physicians and other professionals. The goal is to amplify the capacity to provide best-practice care especially for underserved people in rural and remote communities. Each ECHO has an "expert" multidisciplinary Hub Team that provides education as well as guidance and recommendations on cases presented by participants. The ECHO model takes an "All Teach All Learn" approach, with community clinicians also contributing information and knowledge.

ECHO Ontario Autism: Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (Holland Bloorview) is pleased to offer the ECHO Ontario Autism program. Our ECHO Autism program focuses on autism diagnosis and ongoing care for autistic individuals.

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ECHO Autism (for Physicians and NPs) Sept. 2023-June 2024



ECHO Autism Psychology Oct. 2023-Jan. 2024: 



ECHO Autism Summer Pop-Up Series 2023: