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Experience a fun workout in warm water to improve cardiovascular capacity, balance and flexibility.

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Holland Bloorview continues to use a passive screening. If you are experiencing ANY symptoms (no matter the illness), have had an exposure to COVID or are pending a COVID swab please do not come to the pool.  

Online registration for Summer Aquafitness programs will open at 6:30pm on Monday June 3. 

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Steps on how to register for Online Aquafitness classes

About Aquafitness

Aquafitness classes with the same name will vary in content depending on the instructor as Holland Bloorview encourages our instructors to bring their personal touch to each program. Our instructors design each class to work the total body and give you a pleasant Aquafitness experience.

During each class participants are encouraged to work at their own pace and within their own limitations, remembering to do only what feels right.

• If you have medical limitations, you should only do what your medical advisor has recommended. Participants are encouraged (not mandatory) to advise their instructor of medical limitations so the instructor can monitor/modify the movements.

• These programs are suitable for people who have arthritis or fibromyalgia. Others who have a similar need for a gentle workout are also welcome to attend. 

• Pregnant participants should advise their instructor as soon as possible. Your instructor will provide helpful guidelines to make your class a pleasant experience.

• Female participants should wear swimsuits that provide the same breast support that they would wear to a land class.

• Bring a bottle of water to all classes.

Participant: instructor ratio

• 15:1 in our big pool classes

• 7:1 in our therapy pool classes


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