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ABI-Challenge Manual and Training Videos

The ABI-Challenge manual and materials are available through Flintbox, a third-party site.


  • If you have taken the ABI-Challenge course, you will have access to the materials on Flintbox, as well as the training video password.
  • If you have not taken the course, you will need to contact Virginia Wright to enroll in the next course, and then get access to the manuals and training videos.

PLEASE NOTE: A new version of the ABI-Challenge has been placed on this website as of December 2017. We have revalidated  this version that contains a 5-point response option set that contain faster performance cut times at the time end of the scale. We believe that it will be even better at measuring high level abilities in youth after an ABI and be more responsive to change than the original 4-item response option version. If you have certified in the previous ABI-CA, your certification is still valid with this new version. Please download the new manual and test forms using your password to access our Flintbox page. You should then review the manual to become familiar with the new response options, and  then proceed to use in instead of the 4-point version.

Access the ABI-Challenge Training Materials

To access the Challenge materials, visit our Flintbox page.

Access the ABI-Challenge Training Videos

The ABI-Challenge training videos are available by logging in to the below link.