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The requirement to wear a mask at Holland Bloorview for all members of the team, clients and families will not be changing for the foreseeable future. See our statement for more information.


Quality FM Manual and Training Videos

Upcoming Training Dates

We will be holding Zoom based training in Spring 2022. If you are interested, please contact Virginia Wright to discuss the possibilities.

The Quality FM manual and materials are available through Flintbox, a third-party site.


  • If you have taken the Quality FM Course, you will have access to the materials on Flintbox, as well as the training video password.
  • If you have not taken the Quality FM Course, you will need to contact Virginia Wright to enroll in the next course, and then get access to the manuals and training videos.

Access the Quality FM Training Materials

To access the Quality FM materials, visit our Flintbox page.

Access the Quality FM Training Videos

The Quality FM training videos are available by logging in to the below link.