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EPIC Lab | Publications

Selected Publications


  • Ross, T., Buliung, R., Titchkosky, T., & Hess, P. 2023. "Engaging Disability Theory in Planning Practice". Journal of Planning Education and Research.
  • Buliung, R., Bilas, P., Ross, T., and Marmureanu, C. 2021. “More than Just a Bus Trip: School Busing, Disability and Access to Education in Toronto, Canada.”  Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 48: 496-505.
  • Brown, D., Ross, T., Leo, J., Buliung, R., Shirazipour, C., Latimer-Cheung, A.E., and K.P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos. 2021. “A Scoping Review of Evidence-Informed Recommendations for Designing Inclusive Playgrounds.” Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences, section Disability, Rehabilitation, and Inclusion.” DOI: 10.3389/fresc.2021.664595.
  • Ross, T., Buliung, R., Murphy, A., and A. Howard. 2020. “A Visual Ethnographic Pilot Study of School Travel for Families Living with Childhood Disability.” Children’s Geographies 18(3): 283-297.
  • Ross, T. and R. Buliung. 2019. “Access Work: Parking at School for Families Living with Childhood Disability.” Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 130: 289-299.
  • Ross, T., Mah, J., Biggar, J., Zwick, A., and E. Modlinska. 2018. “Student Needs, Employment Realities, and PhD Program Design in Canada: The Case of Planning PhD Programs.” Canadian Journal of Higher Education 48(3): 82-97.
  • Ross, T. and R. Buliung. 2018. “A Systematic Review of Disability’s Treatment in the Active School Travel and Children’s Independent Mobility Literatures.” Transport Reviews 38(3): 349-371.
  • Rothman, L., Macpherson, A.K., Ross, T., and R. Buliung. 2018. “The Decline in Active School Transportation (AST): A Systematic Review of the Factors Related to AST and Changes in School Travel over Time” Preventive Medicine 111: 314-322.
  • Buliung, R., Faulkner, G., Larsen, K., and T. Ross. 2017. “Children’s Independent Mobility in the City of Toronto, Canada.” Travel Behaviour and Society 9: 58-69.
  • Ross, T. 2013. “Advancing Ontario’s Accessibility: A Study of Linguistic, Discursive, and Conceptual Barriers.” Canadian Journal of Urban Research 22(1): 126-144.



  • Ross, T. and R. Buliung. In press. "Thinking about Ableism and Third Place to Understand and Improve the School Journeys of Disabled Children and their Families." In The School Journey as a Third Place. Interdisciplinarity, Transformations and Experiences from Around the World. Eds. Moody, Zoe, Berchtold-Sedooka, Ayuko, Darbellay, Frédéric, Camponovo, Sara, and Philip D. Jaffé. Anthem Press.
  • Ross, T. (2019). “Inclusive Research Design: Accounting for Childhood Disability in School Transportation Research.” Pp. 273-293 in Waygood, O., Friman, M., Mitra, R., and L. Olsson (Eds.). Transport and Children’s Well-Being. Elsevier.
  • Biggar, J., Ross, T., and J. Mah. 2017. “Connecting Planning Scholars and Practitioners.” Ontario Planning Journal (32)4): 19.

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