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Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is growing its research institute to support ground-breaking research in childhood disability.

Once completed, the research expansion will feature private and teamwork spaces as well as discovery hubs. These hubs will give our scientists a chance to lead innovations in machine learning, music and arts, rapid prototyping among other fields. 

The project is designed to be very accessible and has followed all AODA guidelines. Accessible features include:
•    wider doors and hallways
•    door-operating devices in busy hallways
•    colour contrast between walls, floors and doors to help people with visual impairments get around
•    height-adjustable desks in workspaces. 
Sustainable features include:
•    using blinds to reduce sunlight
•    creating plenty of landscaped outdoor spaces
•    using natural materials with a low-energy footprint. 

This expansion will occur in three phases:

Phase 1: Playground construction [Completed]

In partnership with Bloorview School Authority and Kindercircle, and with the generosity of donors, Holland Bloorview has completed the construction of its state-of-the-art, fully accessible playground. Construction began in early June and finished in early November.

The inclusive playground was co-designed and co-created by a playground committee comprising clients and their families, teachers, clinicians, staff and volunteers – all with the vision of not only ensuring it met the highest standards of accessibility, but one that it also fosters wellbeing for children.

The new playground, nestled on the west side of the hospital, will give students from the Bloorview School Authority and the Kindercircle Daycare program as well as clients a chance to express their creativity through play. The playground features many accessible play structures such as a wheelchair swing, an accessible swing and slide, therapeutic play equipment, all surrounded by natural elements. Kids can also create music through various musical instruments and play panels scattered throughout the playground. The rubberized surface of the playground has also been coloured to mimic beaches, rivers, mountains and meadows for children to explore safely.

Watch the video of the virtual playground launch held on Nov. 23rd, 2020 .

Watch a video of our playground in action.

Phase 2: Fourth-floor renovation [Feb. to Sept. 2021]

 Bloorview Research Institute (BRI) has begun the second phase of the research expansion now.  Once completed this fall, The fourth floor where the BRI is housed will be transformed to create a more modern, open work environment with fewer hallways and walls that will provide more opportunities for both collaboration as well as individual work. This renovation work will continue for the next six to eight months. 

Take a virtual tour of this renovated space will look like for our researchers.

Since the renovation will be contained within the hospital, there will be very minimal impact to the surrounding community.  The institute remains operational with researchers and support staff working remotely. Some onsite research visits will still continue in other parts of the hospital on a temporary basis.

Please note all other units on the fourth floor (Teaching and Learning Office, all clinical areas) will remain open and can be accessed by the elevators. There will be little impact to outdoor parking spaces. 

Phase 3: Two-floor expansion [May 2021 to Summer 2022]

Construction has begun to build an 11,000 square foot expansion to create more space for new discovery hubs, research teams and state-of-the-art research equipment.

The elevated two-storey expansion on the north side of the hospital will overlook the surrounding ravine, enhancing views of the landscape and creating more natural light. The exterior will be decorated with multi-coloured glazing. Raised three-stories into the air, the underside of the addition will form a brightly light canopy for clients, families and the Holland Bloorview community to enjoy.

The expansion connects to the Bloorview Research Institute (BRI) by a ‘front porch’-- a welcoming space where researchers, clients, families and staff can mingle, collaborate and share knowledge.

Construction Schedule:

This construction project has been broken up into two phases:
Renovation on the fourth floor of the research institute: Feb. 2021 - Sept. 2021 
Addition to back of hospital: May 2021 to Summer 2022

Currently both phases are on schedule. As the construction process unfolds, we will hold open houses/tours and post online updates to ensure you have the latest information on our progress.

We will do our best to limit construction noise to 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays; as opposed to the 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. time period permitted by city construction bylaws. Unfortunately, following this reduced schedule is not always possible, due to the tight construction timelines and unforeseen circumstances. Please know that we are continuously working with our construction management firm, Buttcon Construction Limited, to reduce noise as much as possible in an effort to ensure the comfort of both our clients and their families as well as our neighbours.

Construction Updates for October 18 to 29:

The construction crew has been building the steel structure for our new addition over the last few weeks. This work will continue for the next few months.

 Over the next few weeks, you can expect:

  • Large cranes and heavy machinery on site;
  • Installation of internal and external steel beams on floors three to five;
  • Noise from the banging, hammering and drilling on steel and concrete;
  • Pouring of concrete on slabs.

Given the nature of the work above, you can expect noise from construction machinery as well as dust. The crew will be using dust control measures to reduce the dust as much as possible.

Questions and concerns:

We have received concerns from Kilgour Estates residents regarding noise coming from deliveries on our loading dock as well as landscaping activities. The concerns are directly related to how early these activities begin. Please note, neither of these activities are directly related to the construction, however we do appreciate they are disruptive. See below for additional information.

For the most part, construction material is not being brought through the loading dock, but rather through the east side of our parking lot. Therefore, the trucks residents are hearing are likely a result of regular hospital deliveries. As a result of your feedback, we are investigating the early morning deliveries and will try to adjust delivery times to later in the day, where possible.

That being said, it is important to note that COVID 19 has significantly disrupted supply chains across many industries, which in turn, has had a direct impact on delivery schedules. Unfortunately at this time, we have very little control over when our deliveries occur as, what is being delivered are essential supplies and equipment to operate the hospital and provide care to our clients and families.

With respect to landscaping, we have asked our landscaper to refrain from using loud equipment (i.e. ride-on lawnmower) before 8am.

As always, we welcome your feedback and encourage you to continue to inform us directly of any concerns you have. We ask that for your safety and the safety of the construction team, you do not enter the construction site or approach workers directly.

Your questions and concerns can be emailed to

For immediate questions or concerns, please call the hospital's security 416-425-6220, ext. 6101

Construction during a pandemic

Construction during the COVID19 pandemic will be conducted thoughtfully and carefully to ensure the safety of our clients, staff, community and onsite construction workers. Buttcon Construction Limited, the construction manager for this project, has implemented robust COVID19 safety policies including personal protective equipment, sanitization, screen and physical distancing. They, along with our hospital's Infection, Prevention and Control team, will be actively monitoring the construction site to ensure all safety protocols are being followed.

Holland Bloorview will continue to monitor the situation and make the necessary decisions and required changes to our work, depending on how the pandemic unfolds. We are committed to keeping our community and the surrounding Leaside neighbourhood informed during the entire construction period.

Have questions? Connect with us:

Holland Bloorview is committed to keeping its community and surrounding Leaside neighbourhood informed about the construction process during the research expansion project.

Questions? Email:

Building details

Address: 150 Kilgour Road (Google Map)
Construction start: May 2021  | Completed:  Summer 2022 (anticipated)

Project team
Project team by role and provider
Holland Bloorview LeadNadia Tanel, Director, Research Growth and Expansion
Project ManagerNexus PM
ArchitectGow Hastings
Construction managerButtcon Construction Limited