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Quality FM Course - Zoom Based Format

Instructed by Virginia Wright, PT, PhD, Bloorview Research Institute, Toronto, Canada

  • Dates:
    • Friday April 29, 13:00 PM– 17:00 PM EST
    • Saturday May 7, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST
    • Saturday May 14, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST
    • Saturday May 28, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM EST
  • Cost: $372.60 (includes Certification Test post course). Maximum of 15 participants.
  • Attendees: Physical therapists or other health care provider working in the field of pediatric cerebral palsy who use the Gross Motor Function Measure in their clinical practice.

Quality FM Workshop Objectives:

  • Acquire background on the measurement of quality of movement in CP
  • Develop an awareness of the structure and potential uses of the Quality FM
  • Become familiar with the five quality attributes of the Quality FM
  • Gain an understanding of the Quality FM’s generic and detailed scoring system and psychometric properties (workshop ½ day #1)
  • View/discuss videos of the performance style of GMFM skills of typically developing children as frame of reference (spread throughout the training days)
  • Use the Quality FM to score videos of children with CP in GMFCS I. II and III (workshop ½ days #2 to #4), with group participation in the scoring using the voting mechanism on Zoom - allows interactive learning style with whole group (open microphones for frequent Q and A sessions and chat box review)
  • Learn the process of administering a Quality FM style GMFM assessment through viewing of a GMFM video creation process (workshop ½ day #3)
  • Acquire strategies/ideas for implementing the Quality FM in clinical and research practice (workshop ½ day #4)
  • Review the next steps of self-training using the Quality FM video materials posted for exclusive use of course participants on the Holland Bloorview Outcomes website in preparation of Quality FM Criterion test (post-course)


Pre-reading of background materials required before first session (2 hours) and brief homework manual review/practical assignments (1 to 2 hours) between sessions. Attendance at all 4 sessions is needed to gain a full understanding of the Quality FM.


Questions? Please contact the organizer, Dr Virginia Wright, at