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Quality FM Course - Zoom Based Format

Instructed by Virginia Wright, PT, PhD, Bloorview Research Institute, Toronto, Canada

  • Dates: Four separate 4-hour sessions from 8:30 to 12:30 Pacific Standard Time (this translates to 11:30 to 15:30 Eastern Standard Time) on the below dates:
    • Friday, November 18, 2022
    • Friday, December 2, 2022
    • Friday, December 9, 2022
    • Friday, January 6, 2023
  • Cost: $425 Canadian (includes Certification Test post course).
    • Minimum of 7 participants and maximum of 20 participants.
    • This is about 325 American Dollars (exchange rate will be determined by your credit card provider when you pay).
  • Attendees: Physical therapists or other health care provider working in the field of pediatric cerebral palsy who use the Gross Motor Function Measure in their clinical practice


Are you interested in participating?

Registration is online at Event Brite with secure credit card payment on the link. Receipt issued from Event Brite and course attendance certificate on completion of the Quality FM Zoom course.

Quality FM Workshop Objectives:

  • Acquire background on the measurement of quality of movement in CP
  • Develop an awareness of the structure and potential uses of the Quality FM
  • Become familiar with the five quality attributes of the Quality FM
  • Gain an understanding of the Quality FM’s generic and detailed scoring system and psychometric properties (workshop ½ day #1)
  • View/discuss videos of the performance style of GMFM skills of typically developing children as frame of reference (spread throughout the training days)
  • Use the Quality FM to score videos of children with CP in GMFCS I. II and III (workshop ½ days #2 to #4), with group participation in the scoring using the voting mechanism on Zoom - allows interactive learning style with whole group (open microphones for frequent Q and A sessions and chat box review)
  • Learn the process of administering a Quality FM style GMFM assessment through viewing of a GMFM video creation process (workshop ½ day #3)
  • Acquire strategies/ideas for implementing the Quality FM in clinical and research practice (workshop ½ day #4)
  • Review the next steps of self-training using the Quality FM video materials posted for exclusive use of course participants on the Holland Bloorview Outcomes website in preparation of Quality FM Criterion test (post-course)


Pre-reading of background materials required before first session (2 hours) and brief homework manual review/practical assignments (1 to 2 hours) between sessions. Attendance at all 4 sessions is needed to gain a full understanding of the Quality FM. If absolutely necessary, one session (but not the first one) can be done from viewing the password protected Zoom recording of the session.


Questions? Please contact the organizer, Dr Virginia Wright, at



Find out what others had to say about the course:

The Quality FM's 5 attributes will help me organize and guide my observations when I do the GMFM and help me narrow the issues that are impacting my clients' function.

I liked having the opportunity to try to score the videos with the Zoom polls and having many videos of typically developing children and of children with CP of each level

The most important thing of this course for me was to fill the gap in GMFM to assess how the child moves so I can improve my intervention plans.

I appreciated the detailed explanations and having access to the videos from home.

I Liked going through video materials together and evaluating it, also seeing the "tricky" children and doing these anonymous voting and then Virginia leading us through  why or why not such a score.

I think it flowed really well in all aspects. We didn't use the Zoom chat function much, but because of the open mic, I believe most people just spoke up. 

I loved my experience! Learned so much!  Virginia is so passionate and generous. I had a blast!