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Please note, masking is still mandatory at Holland Bloorview. A medical grade mask will be available upon entry.

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The Family Support Fund offers financial support to Holland Bloorview clients and families during times of transition or stress. The fund may provide financial compensation for equipment, medication, recreational activities and respite services during their journey as a Holland Bloorview client.
Decisions are based on how the funding will affect the client’s physical safety, wellness and overall impact on the family and the family’s financial need.
Dear Clients, Families, Staff and Community Partners,
This Fiscal year of 2022-2023 we will continue to support all of the fund’s original funding categories similarly to our operation prior to the COVID19 global pandemic, with the addition of a pilot project we are launching this fiscal year to include cost for some rental/lease equipment.
Changes in the 2022/2023 Family Support Fund form:
  • The Family Support Fund (available at: will no longer fund Emergent Needs COVID-19 requests (please see additional funding options on the FSF page or contact Family Support Specialists at for inquires about items not currently covered by FSF)
  • New limit: $1,500 for the year, per client (April 1st 2022-March 31st 2023)
  • Additional inclusion of specific care providers to some categories who can now provide a letter of support.
  • Equipment category: equipment funding may be considered UP TO $1,500. This cap can only be exceeded if families are eligible for the new Pilot category to tackle costs for rental/leased equipment.
  • NEW! Rental/Leased equipment: we are adding a rental equipment category to coverage criteria this fiscal year. Appendix A, as seen on this page, must be filled out and attached to the original application in order for rental/leased equipment to be considered.
  • Safety related equipment may be prioritized to have the greatest impact on the well-being of our clients
Reminder to applicants: as in past years, clients and families are responsible for filling, contacting and submitting documentation to the Family Support Fund for any inquiries or extension requests, not HB staff or vendors who provide the services you seek funding for.
To see application criteria, please see the eligibility infographic. For alternative funding options and resources, please see the Family Support Fund: Other Services to Families and/or review the Family Support Specialist resources in the drop down bar.
We thank all of you for your continued support during such an unprecedented year and we look forward to supporting Holland Bloorview clients and families again for 2022/2023.
The Family Support Fund Team
Additional helpful resources

During this time here are some resources that might be helpful:

  1. Paperwork Parties – This is a funding navigation workshop for caregivers to learn about government and private funding options, and receive support to fill out associated application forms. These sessions will be resuming in November. A virtual workshop schedule will be released and posted on the Holland Bloorview website. 
  2. Family Support Specialists – Families can partner closely with a skilled Family Support Specialists for personalized consultation and connection to resources that meet their needs.  All clients and families can book a consult by emailing
  3. Funding and Financial Supports Guide – This guide was created by the hospital’s Family Support Specialists. It lists and describes a range of government and community funding sources, eligibility criteria, and application instructions
  4. Social Planning Toronto – This webpage includes food banks and essential supports for the City of Toronto
  5. 211 Ontario – The 211 program can help Ontarians with other emerging COVID-19 related needs, or needs brought on by the pandemic
  6. Financial Relief Navigator– Thisportal provides Canadians with clear, easy-to-navigate information on all COVID-19 emergency relief available from federal/provincial governments and major banks, credit unions, utilities and telephone/internet providers
  7. Family Support Fund: Other Services for Families – resources that can assist or replace existing Family Support Funding. For more questions, please contact


The infographic document is a must read document before submitting an application. This infographic covers what you can expect from the Family Support Fund process.


We've provided additional information to frequently asked questions regarding the Family Support Fund application process.

Before submitting your application
  • Funding limits and criteria are subject to change at any time.
  • This fund prioritizes qualified clients and families who have urgent needs.
  • The fund is limited to 1,500 CAD per client per fiscal year (April 1st, 2022 to March 31st, 2023).
  • Funding maximums also exist for each category
  • The maximum level of funding will not be available to all of our applicants.
  • If you are submitting on behalf of siblings, please note:
  • Each sibling must be an active registered client under the age of 19.
  • You must submit an individual application for each sibling.
  • Equipment used by both applying siblings will only be considered for funding once out of the two applications.
  • Each client’s application form must include a request for separate items/services.
  • The Family Support Fund cannot guarantee funds for any items or services that do not meet the funding categories described in the application form. See pg. 4 “Funding categories”. This includes requests for items that do not fit under the funding categories described.
  • Equipment that was approved by the Family Support Fund in previous fiscal years will not be approved a second time.
  • NEW: Pilot – Rental/lease equipment funding is now available. Please see Appendix A for more details.
  • Applications submitted requesting further funding to a unique item that was already previously approved will be declined. All scores are final unless the applicant’s situation or circumstances have changed since submitting the application.
  • Incomplete applications (missing documents, missing pages) will impact the timing and outcome of your request. The application will be put on hold, and the review of the application will not begin until all documentation has been provided.
  • You will receive a decision letter within 6-8 weeks from the date we receive your completed application form.
Who is eligible for funding?
  • A child under the age of 19, who is receiving clinical care and/or therapy through an OHIP covered service from Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.
  • Please note that if your child only uses fee–for-service programs such as Aquatics, Dental or Spiral Garden camp but not clinical services, they cannot access the Family Support Fund. Please contact the Family Resource Centre for information on other funding.
  • Accessing care through Holland Bloorview after the age of 19 does not automatically qualify your child for this fund. Any exceptions to the organizational guidelines will be made and decided by your child’s care team.
  • Installation, labour, assessment, taxes, repairs, replacement parts (e.g. batteries, slings etc), accessories, additions to existing equipment or delivery costs are not funded. No other home or vehicle modifications are funded except for specific accessibility equipment listed in the approved items list (Page 4). Funding and items are subject to change. The level of funding assistance may vary based on: the cost of the item, did  the Family Support Fund already fund the same/or like item, and the availability of The Family Support Fund’s actual funds. Should funds run out before the submission deadline, your application might be declined. Funding application submission period April 1st to March 31st annually or until funds run out.

Family Support Fund Application Form

Note about fillable PDF forms: The PDF contains interactive elements which cannot be displayed within the web browser. Please download the PDF file and open using Acrobat Reader. The software is available for free from Adobe.

NEW: Rental/lease equipment required document: Appendix A

Funding for rental/lease equipment is currently operating as a pilot and will be offered until March 31, 2023, and/or as long as funds last. Funding through this pilot means families can get this money once or for one item, funds are limited to this pilot. Applicants must meet all regular Family Support Fund criteria and the additional criteria for this pilot. Requests for rental/leased equipment funding must have this form (“Appendix A”) completed and attached to a complete FSF application.

Respite Worker Claim Form 

For respite/childcare application, this document (PDF file, fillable) can be used as a support worker invoice.

To submit your application please:

Fax to: 416-425-6376
Mail to:
C/O Family Support Fund
150 Kilgour Rd
Toronto, ON
M4G 1R8