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Donor Code of Conduct

The code reflects current practices and the hospital’s harassment policies.

Developed by: The Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation.

Dear Donor,
Thank you for supporting Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation. Each day, your generosity is truly making an impact for kids and youth with disabilities. We trust that as you read this letter you will be moved to fulfill our community’s expectations as a donor and that of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

We are committed to inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. Consistent with our organization’s values, we are committed to providing a safe and respectful space for everyone in our community, at our workplace, and other work-related environments. We communicate with each other in ways that are supportive, understanding, and non-threatening, whether in person, virtually, or in writing. Any act or threat of physical violence, threatening or disruptive behaviour, harassment, aggression, or disrespectful comments will not be tolerated.

Our expectation is that donors will comply with all organizational policies that apply to them and our code of conduct including by refraining from interactions with volunteers and staff including but not limited to any of the following activities:

  • ableism
  • ageism
  • discrimination based on religion
  • homophobia
  • racism
  • sexual harassment and violence
  • transphobia
  • xenophobia

Incidents of harassment, disrespect, or abuse will be swiftly addressed by our senior leadership and Board of Directors. Responses could include everything from a caution, to a donor’s public recognition being permanently removed and donation returned.

We will not sacrifice a safe work environment in any way to deliver on a business objective. Creating an environment of safety and mutual respect ensures we continue to embody the very fabric and role of what the charitable sector is all about.

Only together can we make the world a better place for all. Only together can we create a world of possibility.