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About the Effective Listening and Interactive Communication Scale - Assessment Rubric (ELICS-AR) 

The ELICS-AR is a formal observational assessment tool for observers to rate clinicians’ displayed listening skills. It has 24 items arranged by the four ELICS listening scales (Receptive Listening, Exploratory Listening, Consensus-oriented Listening and Action-oriented listening).

The ELICS-AR measures the extent to which clinicians display listening skills behaviours, using the same 24 items as the ELICS, rated on a 5-point performance scale (0 = not at all, 1 = rarely, 2 = occasionally, 3 = frequently, and 4 = consistently).

How to access the ELICS-AR

The ELICS measure is available for free download through Flintbox, a third-party site. To directly access the ELICS-AR click here, or visit Holland Bloorview’s Flintbox page via the Bloorview Research Institute Innovations List

You will be required to set up a Flintbox account (free of charge) and provide your email address. Flintbox will only use your email to confirm your download.