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CP Discovery Lab - Current Research

Staff helping a girl raise her leg.

In the CP Discovery Lab, we do research to innovate and evaluate neurorehabilitation treatments for children and youth with cerebral palsy.

    CP Discovery Lab Leads CP Neuroscience Discovery Network



    The Childhood Cerebral Palsy (CP) Integrated Neuroscience DiscoveryNetwork "CP-NET" is a Ontario based research-based innovationinitiative designed to improve the care of childhood CP from prevention totreatment. CP-NET involves researchers from academic and clinical sites inOntario. CP-NET also includes patient advocacy groups and the industrial sector.

    CP-NET Executive:

    Fehlings D (Scientific Director), Wintle R (Assistant ScientificDirector), Gorter JW, McCormick A, Miller S, Scherer S.

    Funding Agency:

    Ontario Brain Institute $3,750,000 (2018-2023); $5,000,000(2013-2018); $1,500,000 (2012-2013)

    CP-NET Website:

    For more information, please visit CP-NET.

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    CP Discovery Lab Current Research Studies: