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Our vision is to unleash the potential of scientific research and technology to make the most meaningful and healthy futures for all children, youth and families. Our team is on a mission to create sustainable impact that gets our transformative innovations directly to the people who need them.

Our portfolio of inventions stems from researchers across a broad range of research interests, technologies and applications.

Featured Technologies

Anxiety Meter: Machine Learning in Healthcare

The Anxiety Meter was developed with the intent to complement behavioural therapy in autism spectrum disorder by improving self-awareness for children and youth that experience anxiety and giving them the tools to identify and manage symptoms as they occur. Through a machine learning algorithm, the Anxiety Meter measures an individual's heart rate and converts it into a visual representation of his or her anxiety level on a mobile app. This technology can be employed by both adults and children to increase quality of life. Learn more

Brain-Computer Interfaces – Exploring New Methods of Communication

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) translate brain activity into commands to control surrounding technology. A collection of sensors detect brain activity and convert them into electrical signals which are processed by machine learning algorithms. Once the desired type of brain response is found, the computer generates the corresponding control command. BCIs create endless possibilities for intuitive, hands-free interaction with the world. Learn more 

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