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Educational Resources

Here you will find resources and opportunities for students and trainees at BRI.

Should you have any information that you wish to share with the trainee community, please contact us.

General Resources

Mental Health Information for Graduate Students can be found here

The Ontario Health Promotion E-Bulletin is a weekly e-mail with conferences, job postings, and articles

Elsevier Postdoctoral Access Program allows extended access to scholarly publications for recent doctoral graduates who may not have a position yet

GRAD Talks through U of T's School of Graduate Studies are a series of learning sessions to help graduate students build skills and gain balance

Trainee Life

From PhD to Life, Advice from a Life Coach

The Professor is In, Advice from a former academic on how to (and not to) be an academic

PhD Comics, It's basically you in cartoon form

Survival Guide, A few helpful tips

Scholarships & Fellowships

General Scholarship Pages: 

ULIFE - U of T scholarships listing

NIH Postdoctoral Opportunities

UBC Postdoctoral Opportunities 

MITACS Graduate and Postdoctoral Funding

MITACS Postdoctoral Opportunity

DOD - CDMRP Funding Opportunities

Upcoming Scholarships:

Branch Out Neurological Foundation: Masters deadline March 1st, 2019; PhD deadline May 3rd, 2019

Paediatric Oncology Group of Ontario: Doctoral, Postdoctoral and Clinician Researcher Awards (2019 Deadlines TBA)

CIHR Doctoral Award (2019 Deadlines TBA)

CIHR Fellowship Award (2019 Deadlines TBA)

Mental Health Research Canada Scholarships (2019 Deadlines TBA)

Canadian Graduate Scholarship TriCouncil Master's Funding (2019 Deadlines TBA)

NSERC Fellowship Award (2019 Deadlines TBA)

Community and Continuing Education Resources

Below are a number of resources for different disciplinary communities and ongoing education opportunities. Join the listservs, check out the websites, and stay connected!

Community Program in Neuroscience (CPIN)  offers talks, gatherings, and information on neuroscience in the Toronto community. You can also join their newsletter here

Centre for Critical Qualitative Health Research (CQ)  offers information, workshops, lectures and information on critical qualitative health research in the Toronto community and beyond. You can also join their newsletter here

REPAR is the Quebec Rehabilitation Rehab Network, and they offer national and international updates on current rehabilitation topics. You can join their newsletter here

Dr. Albin T. Jousse Lecture Series, which aims to provide a venue for scientists, physicians, and clinicians working in rehabilitation settings, as well as students, consumers, and caregivers to share knowledge, present the latest research, and participate in dialogue on what it means to live with disability.

Upcoming Workshops and Conferences

May 2019:

RSI Research Day 2019:  the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute annual research symposium for students, faculty and staff.  May 14th, 2019 (click here for info/registration).

iARC 2019: IBBME Annual Research Conference. May 27th, 2019 (click here for info/registration).

June 2019:

RehabWeek2019: biennial international conference to discuss progress in the fields of rehabilitation and assistive technology. June 24th-28th, 2019  (click here for info/registration). 

More events coming soon!

Research and Thesis Tips

Ethics Tips:

Bloorview's research ethics page is full of information on the writing, submission, and timelines for ethics submissions.


10000 Coffees: a networking website to connect new professionals to experienced ones


Searching the Literature: Guide and Tips 

Writing your thesis

Submitting an article to a scholarly journal (Elsevier Resource) 

Grammar Girl

Other Institution Resources for Trainees

University of Toronto's GradLife site 

Baycrest Trainee Tips

University of Ottawa Postdoc Positions