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Connecting clients and families to new research opportunities

As a teaching hospital fully affiliated with the University of Toronto, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital is dedicated to providing the best quality care to our clients and families, training the next generation of clinicians and scientists, and conducting innovative childhood disability research.

We believe that the children, youth and families we serve should have the access and opportunity to learn about the important health research occurring at Holland Bloorview. Research can help us learn more about disabilities, develop and evaluate technologies and treatments and ultimately realize our vision of the most meaningful and healthy futures for all children, youth and families. connect2research helps increase awareness of new research occurring at Holland Bloorview and provides equal access for all clients and families who may be interested in learning more or participating.

The hospital and its research institute, Bloorview Research Institute, has taken many extra precautions to ensure the safety of clients and their families when coming to the hospital for either a clinical or research visit. Learn more about how individuals can participate in onsite research studies safely by watching this video. In addition, many of our researchers are conducting research studies virtually, or within the community.

Designed in partnership with families

Holland Bloorview's research notification program, connect2research, is a secure database that that connects to limited information including date of birth, diagnosis, and contact information in a Holland Bloorview client’s electronic health record. The database will help identify and directly connect Holland Bloorview researchers with clients and families (past or present) who may be eligible for a research study. The goal of connect2research is to bring together clients, families, clinicians and researchers to research projects and studies.

All clients aged 21 and under that has received services at Holland Bloorview after May 1, 2011, or are aged 22 to 28 who have received services at Holland Bloorview in the last two years are automatically included in connect2research unless they choose to withdraw. Clients and families can remove themselves from the connect2research database, withdraw, or re-join the program at any time by calling us at (416) 425-6220 ext. 3000 or email

Participation in a research study or project is voluntary and can be decided on a study-by-study basis. Your decision to participate/not participate in a research study, or to be included/not included in the connect2research database, will not affect the care or services you receive at Holland Bloorview.

A client’s health record is protected information and at no time will it be visible to anyone besides your authorized care team. Limited information from your health record will be connected to the connect2research database using a secure, hospital approved software program.

Participating in research: The family perspective

Research is important to help inform the best lives possible for children and youth. All families should have a chance to learn about and participate in studies that aim to improve treatments, innovate technologies and find ways to promote social inclusion for kids of all abilities. With more diverse participation, research outcomes can be even more meaningful. At Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, connect2research makes greater participation a possibility.

-Family Leader

Our commitment to privacy

Holland Bloorview is committed to protecting your privacy and keeping your information secure. In compliance with the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA), all healthcare information is kept strictly confidential, secure and protected. For any questions regarding privacy, please contact the Privacy Office at (416) 425-6220 ext. 3467 or email


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To learn more or to withdraw from the connect2research program, kindly contact us. You can also tell a member of your health care team or a researcher if you are participating in a research study that you wish to withdraw and they will inform the connect2research office on your behalf. Your decision to participate in connect2research or to withdraw (or later re-enroll) will not affect the care or services you receive at Holland Bloorview.