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Welcome to our disability and sexuality resource page!

On this page you will find online resources that focus on disability and sexuality. The list of resources can be found at the bottom of this page.

About the Resource List

For each resource, you will find:

  • The name of the organization that made the resource
  • A direct link to the organization’s webpage
  • A list of people the resource is aimed at (e.g., young people with disabilities, parents, and/or healthcare providers)

We understand that sexuality looks different for each person and that there may not currently be a resource that fits your needs. The resource list will be updated often. Please share with us:

  • Resources that you find helpful
  • Resources that you think we missed
  • Ideas for new resources

Send us your suggestions by email at

How did we find resources?

Our team (young people with disabilities, parents, healthcare providers and researchers):

  1. Collected resources that were suggested by parents, young people with disabilities, researchers and healthcare providers
  2. Completed a detailed online search for webpages using words related to sexuality and disability

How did we choose the resources?

Our team created rules (criterion) to decide whether to include a resource or not. These rules were that the resources must:

  • Focus on disability and sexuality
  • Provide original content (not just a list of webpages)
  • Be usable by our target groups (youth with disabilities, parents, healthcare providers)
  • Use up-to-date and inclusive (includes all people) language

Resource List

To view the resource list, please click the link below: