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Currently, the following list of workshops is available to outside organizations. We also welcome the opportunity to customize a workshop for your staff. All of our workshops are highly experiential and participants will receive a beautiful infographic that summarizes our work together.

For an estimate, please contact Elaine Cook, PhD, at

Humanistic Virtual Care

(3 half days)

Due to public health concerns, there has been a dramatic transition to virtual care. With this transition, a variety of benefits and concerns have become apparent to both clinicians and clients. As a result, we have created this workshop series to help clinicians understand and manage these opportunities and challenges in ways that are consistent with our humanistic, solution-focused approach. These workshops are highly engaging and participatory. Participants will learn and rehearse skills that can immediately impact their practice and wellbeing.

Solution-Focused Fundamentals

(4 half days)

Workshop participants will be exposed to important theories that have shaped the evolution of solution-focused coaching and communication as well as its implications for practice. Theory is presented through experiential exercises that amplify and concretize learning. These encompass humanistic psychology, cultural psychology, discourse and communication theory.

Significant skills that are emphasized include:

  • An understanding of solution-focused principles that guide behaviour
  • An understanding of the importance of language and words, with respect to psychological, emotional and social wellbeing for practitioners and clients
  • An understanding of communication competence and how communication practices influence behaviour
  • How these skills and principles are specifically applied within healthcare contexts as well as the learner’s clinical/therapeutic role, if applicable
Compassion vs Empathy

(2 half days)

Healthcare practitioners are often encouraged to be empathetic and compassionate to improve patient-related outcomes and satisfaction. In fact, compassion is considered essential to quality patient care. However, there are different outcomes for clinicians’ own wellbeing associated with empathy and compassion. This workshop provides practical skills and tools for clinicians to help them practice compassion without empathetic distress.

Solution-Focused Workshops for Parents and Families

A workshop series designed to help parents enhance their communication skills by highlighting their familial strengths and resources.

Fundamentals (3 hours)
In this initial workshop, which is a pre-requisite for all others, participants will learn the fundamental principles and skills of solution-focused communication, through a number of fun activities, collaborative conversations and group work. By the end of the workshop, participants will have had the opportunity to experience a number of solution-focused conversations in various roles and they will take home a number of practical communication tools.

Participants will learn how to more effectively advocate for their child, using solution- focused communication principles.

Conflict Reconciliation
Participants will learn how to manage conflict in ways that emphasize mindfulness, strengths and resources, dignity and respect.

Re-framing and Goal Setting
Participants will learn to re-frame their child's behaviours and thought processes in a manner that amplifies positive development.

Participants will learn to re-frame their child's behaviours and thought processes in a manner that amplifies positive development.


This workshop was such a great refresher on the principles of solution-focused coaching. It was especially helpful to have SFC and humanistic principles applied to virtual care, and I was able to walk away with some great practical tools and strategies that I can use in my practice. Thanks, Elaine!
- Ishanee Jahagirdar

I found SFC Family workshop sessions very beneficial! It's an excellent approach to focus on the individual and the solutions instead of problems. As a parent, it helped me rediscover my strengths and realize that I have adequate skills and resources to handle my child's behavior. The activities truly helped me understand what others are thinking but not communicating about their situation/problem.
- Holland Bloorview Parent

This workshop is high energy and fun. I learned a lot in a short period of time.
- Parent

The facilitators are great and knowledgeable.
- Parent

Everything about this workshop is valuable and significant.
- Parent

Great facilitator. She created a safe space and answered all questions.
- Community service worker

This is a wonderful training.
- Surrey Place

I felt more inspired in my work than I have in a long time. An excellent balance of theoretical and practical application. This is a complimentary model of care.
- Regional healthcare worker


To inquire about upcoming dates, to register for a course or for more information, please contact:

Dr. Elaine Cook, PhD
Mailing address

Holland Bloorview Kids
Rehabilitation Hospital
150 Kilgour Road
Toronto, ON M4G 1R8

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