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Playground Construction Notice

We are thrilled to inform you that construction on our new state of the art, fully accessible playground, for BSA students, Kindercircle daycare children and our clients and families began on June 1, 2020.

As you know, this is the first phase of a three-phase capital project to support the Grow Holland Bloorview Research strategy. Although minimal, there will be some additional noise and dust outside during the construction.

Staff, clients and families are welcome to enjoy our outdoor space during the construction but we ask that you not enter the fenced off areas on the west side of the building.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. For updates on construction and more details about Grow Holland Bloorview Research, please visit or email us at:

Playground FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about the playground construction below.

Bloorview Research Institute Expansion FAQs

Holland Bloorview is a children’s hospital. You conduct research too?
Yes! In addition to serving more than 8,500 children with disabilities, we are a world leader in childhood disability research, home to the Bloorview Research Institute (BRI).

How is this proposed expansion being funded?
The Grow Holland Bloorview Research campaign is funded 100% by donors.

Where are you building this proposed expansion?
We are planning to build the proposed expansion on the north side of the existing hospital building.

How large is the proposed expansion?
We are proposing to add a two-storey, 11 square foot addition on levels 4 and 5 at the back of the existing hospital building. Its size will stay within what is permitted by the existing zoning by-law.

Why are you applying for a minor variance to the zoning by-law?
Although the size of the proposed addition will stay within the existing zoning by-law, we are required to submit an application to the city to make any change to the building.

How will the proposed expansion affect parking in the neighbourhood?
We are looking at new and sustainable ways to reduce traffic and parking demand including encouraging employees to work from home, take transit or carpool. The opening of the Eglinton Crosstown Line will mean that more people can commute to the hospital by transit, and further reduce vehicle traffic and parking demand.

When will construction start?
Pending approval from the city on the build, construction will start in March 2021 and be completed by 2022.

We will be working closely with our construction management firm Buttcon Construction Limited to minimize any noise disturbances.