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Publications from Evidence to Care

Evidence to Care and their partners publish on a range of topics related to their work in academic, trade, and public sources. Below you will find a selection of citations and links to their work:

Academic Publications

Kingsnorth, S., Adler, E., Ami, N., Gresley-Jones, T., Mankad, D., Joachimides, N., Fay, L., Slonim, N., & Fehlings, D. (2013). Developing a cerebral palsy chronic pain assessment toolkit: a systematic review of the evidence. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 55:S3, 39.

Kingsnorth, S., Orava, T., Provvidenza, C., Adler, E., Ami, N., Gresley-Jones, T., Mankad, D., Slonim, N., Fay, L., Joachimides, J., Hoffman, A., Hung, R., & Fehlings, D. Chronic pain assessment tools for cerebral palsy: A systematic review. (2015). Pediatrics, 136(4):e947-e960. [2015-0273]. Open access

Townley, A., Kingsnorth, S., Orava, T., & Provvidenza, C. (2015). An evidence-informed approach to the identification and assessment of chronic pain in children with cerebral palsy. The Journal of Pain, 16(4), S3. DOI: 10.1016/j.jpain.2015.01.025. 

Kingsnorth, S., Joachimides, N., Krog, K., Davies, B., & Smith Higuchi, K. Optimal pain assessment in pediatric rehabilitation: Implementation of a nursing guideline. Pain Management Nursing. 2015 Dec:16(6):871-880. 

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Edelstein, H., Schippke, J., Sheffe, S., & Kingsnorth, S. (2016). Children with medical complexity: a scoping review of interventions to support caregiver stress. Child: care, health and development, 43(3), 323 – 333. DOI: 10.1111/cch.12430. 

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Barney, C., Provvidenza, C., Townley, A., & Kingsnorth, S. (2017). International collaboration supports improved pain assessment practices for children with cerebral palsy. The Journal of Pain, 18(4), S42. DOI: 10.1016/j.jpain.2017.02.160.

Townley, A., Wincentak, J., Krog, K., Schippke, J., & Kingsnorth, S. (2017). Paediatric gastrostomy stoma complications and treatments: A rapid scoping review. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 27(7-8), 1369 – 1380. DOI: 10.1111/jocn.14233. 

Provvidenza, C., Hartman, L., & McPherson, A.  (2018).  Fostering positive weight-related conversations between healthcare professionals, children, and families.  Development of a knowledge translation Casebook and evaluation protocol.   Child Care Health Dev, 45 (1), 138-145 (early online 26 November).  

Orava, T., Provvidenza, C., Townley, A., & Kingsnorth, S. Screening and assessment of chronic pain among children with cerebral palsy: Adoption of a pain toolbox. Disability & Rehabilitation. 2019; 41(22), 2695-2703. 

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Bonder, R., Provvidenza, C., Hubley, D., & McPherson, A. (2020).  Putting Positive Weight-Related Conversations into Practice: The Pilot Implementation of a Knowledge Translation Casebook.  Child: Care, Health & Development, 46(3):360-368.  

Provvidenza, C., Townley, A., Wincentak, J., Peacocke, S, & Kingsnorth S. (2020). Building knowledge translation competency in a community-based hospital: A practice-informed curriculum for healthcare providers, researchers and leadership. Implementation Science, 15, 54. access

Paniccia, M., Provvidenza, C., Kingsnorth, S., Ippolito, C., Zemek, R., & Reed,N. (2021).  Engaging Target Users to Appraise and Refine Clinical Practice Guidelines in Pediatric Concussion: An Integrated Knowledge Translation Approach. Journal of Concussion, 5:1-16.

Wincentak, J., Xu, Y., Rudden, L., Kassam-Lallani, D., Mullin, A., Truong, C., Krog, K., & Kingsnorth, S. (2021).. The current state of knowledge on digital rectal stimulation in traumatic and non-traumatic spinal cord injury: A scoping review. Archives of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 30:S0003-9993(21)00093-9.

Bonder, R., Wincentak, J., Gan, C., Kingsnorth, S.,Provvidenza, C., & McPherson, A.C. (2021). They assume that you’re not having sex: A qualitative exploration of how healthcare providers can have positive sexuality-related conversations with youth with disabilities. Sexuality and Disability, 

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Trade and Public Publications

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Casebook Publications

Townley, A., Wincentak, J., & Kingsnorth, S. Taking time to reflect and learn from COVID experiences. Hospital News (April). 2020.

Halsey, M. Providing methods to help children with chronic pain. Hospital News 2015 May.

YouTube Videos

Provvidenza, C. (November 2020).KNOWvember 20 Interview. Health Education England, National Health System.  

Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare. (August 9, 2017). Chronic Pain Toolbox Helps Treat Children Who Have Chronic Pain [Video]. Youtube.