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EMBARK program

Amplifying diverse Black voices in disability research.

Teen with walker holding his mother

The first program of its kind in Canada, EMBARK (Empowering Black Academics, Researchers and Knowledge creators) fills a crucial gap in amplifying diverse Black voices in disability research and aims to address barriers that Black scholars face to set them up for successful academic careers. 

Indeed, researchers from Black communities face systemic barriers in advancing their research careers beyond the post-doctoral level, to secure faculty appointments. Not only does this mean that we lack Black voices in research and science who can guide diverse students, but we also miss out on their diverse perspectives which lead to better science and new possibilities for children with disabilities.  

About the EMBARK program

The program offers two EMBARK scientists the following:

  • Start-up funds for their research
  • Principle investigator status
  • Access to advisors from a diverse range of backgrounds 
  • Connections to networks and career support
  • Media profiling to build their personal brands

Click here to apply.

About the Black Research Network

The first initiative of its kind in Canada, the Black Research Network’s mission is to promote Black research excellence at the university and beyond through mentorship and investment to propel the interdisciplinary work of – and between – Black scholars. Click here to learn more.