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Transition Pop-Ups

Group events that helps clients and/or families prepare for the transition to-adulthood. The events are about different topics. They are co-hosted by Holland Bloorview and an adult agency, for gradual introductions to new service providers.

☑ Information! Learning about a topic of interest.

☑ Peer mentoring! Learning from others who have been there before.

☑ Action! Checking something off my list.

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An Introduction to Transition Pop-Ups

Learn about and sign up for future Transition-Pop Ups with staff assistance

Financial and Legal

Connect with Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)

Meet ODSP staff, peer mentors, and learn information about the funding source. Get 1:1 assistance with filling out your online ODSP application.

Next available dates: February 15, 2022; March 15, 2022; April 19, 2022; May 17, 2022; June 21, 2022; July 19, 2022; August 16, 2022; September 20, 2022; October 18, 2022; November 15, 2022; December 20, 2022

Connect with Developmental Services Ontario (DSO)

Meet DSO staff, peer mentors, and learn information about the funding source. Get 1:1 assistance with starting your DSO eligibility request.

Legal Considerations for the Transition to Adulthood

Meet with Holland Bloorview’s pro bono lawyer and peer mentors to learn about legal considerations for the transition to adulthood. Schedule a 1:1 appointment with the pro bono lawer for personalized consultation.

Next available dates: January 25, 2022, April 21, 2022, July 7, 2022, November 2, 2022

Health and Wellness

Connect with Primary Care

On-the-spot support with taking steps to find a community primary care provider.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices: Connect with Yorktown CHOICES Program

Participate in a free, accessible workshop on healthy lifestyle choices and substance use.

Connect with Vibrant Health (formerly Anne Johnston) Wellness Programs

Meet Vibrant Health staff and peer mentors. Learn about wellness programs and register on-the-spot if interested.

Next available dates: February 2, 2022

Sexuality, relationships and parenting with a disability

Learn about parenting with a disability from peer mentors.

Personal Care

What are Attendant Services? Connect with Centre for Independent Living (CILT)

Meet CILT staff with Holland Bloorview staff bridging support and become a CILT member for access to newsletters and events.

Next available dates: January 11, 2022; March 29, 2022; June 7, 2022; October 18, 2022

Applying for Attendant Services: Connect with CILT’s Attendant Service Application Centre (ASAC) and Direct Funding (DF)

Complete attendant care applications with on-the-spot staff support.

Next available dates: April 9, 2022; November 12, 2022

Life After High School

Personal Growth and Life Skills: Connect with March of Dimes LIFE Program

Try out a day in the LIFE program for free with Holland Bloorview and peer mentor support.

Next available date: February 16, 2022

Life After High School, Exploring Alternative (Non-Academic) Pathways

Learn about non-academic continued learning options for after high school. Create personalized action plan for connecting with relevant programs.

Let’s Play Ball: Connect with Challenger Baseball

Try out an inclusive baseball (all methods of mobility and abilities welcome) event for free. Register for your local team if interested. 

Transitions Pop-Up at the Annual Transitions, Rec and Life Skills Fair

Create a personalized plan for visiting relevant adult agencies at the Fair

Mentorship and Peer Connections

Let’s Mingle with Yorktown Family Services “Connect 4” Youth Group

Register as a new client of Yorktown Family Services (eligible for other programs) Try out Connect 4 group programming (free), mingle with fellow Holland Bloorview peers and existing Yorktown Connect 4 members during fun hangouts.

Next available date: February 14, 2022, April 11, 2022, May 9, 2022, June 13, 2022, July 11, 2022, August 8, 2022, September 12, 2022, October 10, 2022, November 14, 2022, December 12, 2022

Staying Connected: Become a Holland Bloorview Alumni Network Member

On-the-spot registration with Holland Bloorview’s Alumni Network. Try out the platform and join alumni groups of interest during the event

Next available date: February 1, 2022

Staying Organized and On Track

Transitions Paperwork Party: Organizing My Medical Papers

On-the-spot submission of health records request. Leave with a binder of your relevant medical records organized in a personalized format that suits your needs

Work on My Transition Plan

Work on your My Transition Plan in a supportive space with staff present for questions and coaching

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