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INSPIRE: Partner

INSPIRE: Partner is an intake process for organizations that wish to work with Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation

Text image that says: INSPIRE - Innovation for System Partnerships, Implementation, and Evaluation

Welcome to the INSPIRE Partnership Intake Process

The Innovation for System Partnerships, Implementation and Evaluation (INSPIRE) Partnership Intake Process serves as a dedicated gateway for organizations seeking to collaborate with Holland Bloorview. Transparency and efficiency are what we strive for. We’ll work with you to make sure we’re a fit and if so, help connect you with the appropriate experts, resources and departments at Holland Bloorview  so you can advance your goals and make a meaningful impact in healthcare.


Partnership Intake Submission

If you are interested in a potential partnership with Holland Bloorview, please take a moment to complete the brief form, and ensure all relevant information is included. This will help us evaluate the opportunity more effectively and provide you with a prompt response.

We thank all organizations for their interest and submissions. However, we will only accept collaborations that align with our goals and operational requirements.

    If you have any questions about this process, please contact


    We would like to thank the Holland Bloorview Foundation and the generosity of our donors who made this possible.