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Project: Development of the BIFI-A (Concussion Version): An Adaptation of the BIFI-A

Centre for Leadership in Acquired Brain Injury


  • Nick Reed
  • Talia Dick
  • Lee Verweel
  • Caron Gan
  • Jessica Reid

What was this study about?

Mild TBI (mTBI)/concussion is a common injury among Ontario youth with an estimate that it occurs in every 200 out of 100,000 individuals. Like adults, youth may experience a wide range of physical, cognitive and emotional/behavioural symptoms post-concussion. It is clear that the impact of concussion affects many aspects of an individual’s life; however there are few resources for families and limited practice guidelines on how to support families through the post-concussion management process.

What did we do?

Impact for clients, families and clinical practice

What did we learn?