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Centralized equipment pool

The Centralized equipment pool provides speech–generating devices, writing aids and related equipment.

Centralized equipment pool Street View

Supporting 27 augmentative and alternative communication clinics and individual authorizers across Ontario, the Centralized Equipment Pool (CEP) is a sales and leasing program (recycled equipment) providing writing and face-to-face communication aids to individuals with physical disabilities of all ages at a relatively low cost.
The leasing program provides clients the flexibility to use equipment and return it for something more suitable as their needs change. With a full-service department onsite, leased equipment that is defective can be quickly repaired or replaced.
Clients are assessed, prescribed, and dispensed equipment through an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) clinic or an individual authorizer. The communication and writing aids service at Holland Bloorview is an augmentative and alternative communication clinic serving children up to the age of 18. Please click here for information on their referral process.
The Centralized Equipment Pool plays an important educational role in the augmentative and alternative communication clinical community, running courses and workshops for interprofessional clinical team members (e.g. face-to-face communication, written communication, alternative access methods, mounting systems, product introductions).

To learn more about upcoming programs please visit and click on course/workshop registration.