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Project: Computer-based vision screening in pediatric acquired brain injury

Centre for Leadership in Acquired Brain Injury


  • Anne Hunt, PhD
  • Nick Reed, PhD
  • Alison Shier
  • Melanie DuMoulin
  • Salma Kassam, OT
  • Sarah Sheffe, OT

What was this study about?

We wanted to know if a computer-based vision screening assessment is feasible to use with children and youth with acquired brain injury (ABI). Although visual skills are important for performing everyday activities, they are not routinely assessed following brain injury. Impairment in vision may impact a child’s performance on their daily activities and on some therapy assessments.

What did we do?

Impact for clients, families and clinical practice

The results of this study will enable us to understand if using computer based vision screening is helpful for identifying vision impairments in children and youth with brain injuries. With more research, our results will inform clinical practices regarding vision screening for these children.

What did we learn?

We learned that:

Next steps?

The results helped us to plan another study that will help us understand how accurate the computer-based vision test results are for children with brain injuries.

In the next study, children with brain injuries will complete the computer based vision screening. Next, they will have their vision examined by an optometrist. Then we will compare the results. This will tell us how accurate the computer vision screening test is for identifying vision impairments in children with brain injuries.