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Bootle Blast, a Movement Tracking Video Game for Home-Based Motor Therapy – Navigating Gaps to Market Readiness

Many children experience challenges in motor skills that impact well being. Therapies can help, but can be costly and difficult to access. We worked with children, parents and clinicians to co-create a video game, Bootle Blast, for home practice of motor skills. Using the Orbbec Persee, Bootle Blast tracks movements and manipulation of real-life objects. Research shows that children can improve motor skills by playing Bootle Blast at home.

Aims. Our goal is to increase commercial viability of Bootle Blast by:

(1) Reducing the need for specialized/expensive hardware.

(2) Conducting real-world testing to identify barriers to home use.

Research Plan. To understand real-world implementation, Bootle Blast will be trialed for 14 weeks in the homes of 60 young people (6 to 17 years) with any motor condition that could be addressed by the Bootle Blast system, regardless of their diagnosis. We will assess feasibility (e.g. independent home setup, ability to set/meet self-directed play time goals), enablers/barriers to use, and perceived value. User experience will inform product, training and resource development.

Commercialization Plan.  Bootle Blast will be marketed first to rehabilitation hospitals/clinics, and then to families in Canada and the US. Commercialization activities will include disseminating research evidence, pre-market preparation (e.g. establish partnerships, market research), and product launch (e.g. spread awareness, generate buy-in). To read

Impact. Bootle Blast offers children, families, and clinicians an innovative tool to promote function, playfulness, and well-being. It address practical healthcare funding and accessibility issues. This project will enhance Canada’s burgeoning digital health sector.

Principal Investigator

Elaine Biddiss, MASc, PhD

Co-Investigators and Team

Selvi Sert, MEng

Ilana Naiman, PhD

Ajmal Khan, MHSc, PEng

Linda Fay, OT

Sharon Wong, MBA PMP

Virginia Wright, PhD

Darcy Fehlings, MD

Fiona Moola, PhD