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Music & Wellness Workshop Series - February (Fridays)

Workshop series is held by the Harmony OnTrack Virtual Music Therapy Clinic for caregivers within the Holland Bloorview community.

Workshop 1: How Can Music Benefit Me?

Friday, February 5
We understand that caregivers are always busy and their lives are full of surprises. Sometimes we need to take time to rest and recharge, so we can be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead. Join us for a discussion and an experiential workshop, to learn more about how music can benefit you throughout the day!

Workshop 2: Music & Yoga

Friday, February 12
Join us for a 20-minute beginner yoga class led by a certified yoga teacher. As we move, we will listen to music improvised by a student music therapist. All are welcome to get on your mat and discuss your connection to music and movement.

Workshop 3: DIY Instruments at Home

Friday, February 19
Are you lacking activities and instruments for your kids right now? This workshop is for you and your kids to make some DIY instruments using resources available at your home. Time to make music at home!

Workshop 4: Music with Kids at Home

Friday, February 28
Join us as we demonstrate how to use music and movement for you and your kids as well as providing ways in which you can manage stress with yourself and your family using music.


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