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Blogs in the Autism Research Centre


Scientists, clinicians and staff in the Autism Research Centre have contributed to the following blogs.

Parent Needs Help: 4-year-old with Autism Won’t Eat Solid Foods

My child is 4 and has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.He’ll eat most anything that I puree. But he refuses to eat even small pieces of solid food except for soft cheese puffs, and he can’t drink from a straw. How can I teach him to chew real food?

Parent Seeks Advice: Child with Autism Eats Only Candy & Chips

I’ve heard that kids with autism will eventually eat if they’re hungry enough. I’m considering taking away the hard candy, chips and crackers that our daughter snacks on all day to see if she will learn to eat real food. I’ve tried giving her nutritious foods in the past, but nothing worked. Still I worry. If I take her junk food away, will she starve herself? Should I just get tough and go ahead with this?

The ATN@Work in Toronto: Adapting Sleep Research to Meet a Teen’s Need

This Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network site is putting sleep research into practice within a family-centered approach to care.

Your ATN@Work: Parent Support & Education

At a recent "Parent Talk-Autism Spectrum Disorder" in Toronto, staff members demonstrated a helpful sleep routine.

Your ATN@Work in Toronto: A Health Watch Table for Autism

A tool to assist primary care providers (general practitioners, family physicians, nurses, and nurse practitioners) in improving the primary care of their patients with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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Autism and mealtime: A therapist’s top ten tips for success:

Feeding challenges are among the most common issues that bring children with autism and their parents to my practice.

Your ATN@Work: Autism training for school bus drivers:

A parent on the ATN Family Advisory Board, suggested that we take a leadership role in the community and create an autism training program for bus drivers. The ATN team developed a comprehensive presentation to help bus drivers understand why children with autism may have difficulty riding the bus and to provide them with helpful strategies.

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Susan Cosgrove: The Possibility Parables

A blog written by a parent of two boys with ASD.Click Here

Connie Putterman: The Parent Link

Blog from one of ARC's parent representatives on the Patient Advisory Board.

Many children with autism on medication without behavioural therapy

A new study out of the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network (ATN) found that around a third of children who were taking anti-psychotic medication for autism-related behavior problems were not receiving any form of non-drug behavioral therapy when they came to one of one the network’s specialty centers for care.