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Dr. Gillian King

Gillian King, PhD

Distinguished Senior Scientist; Canada Research Chair (Tier I) in Optimal Care for Children with Disabilities



Research Focus:

Psychosocial aspects of childhood disabilities

Research Focus (Academic Version)

Psychosocial Aspects of Childhood Disability and Health; Child and Family Community Participation; Child and Family Engagement in Service Delivery; Family Wellness, Resilience, Belief Systems, and Worldviews; Expertise and Clinical Decision Making in Service Delivery; Measure Development; Models of Clinical Services and Intervention Approaches; Research Partnerships and the Production of Knowledge; Interprofessional Practice; Youth Transitions; Traumatic Brain Injury and Resiliency

Research/Trainee/Volunteer Opportunities:

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Education & Profession


PhD, Social Psychology, University of Western Ontario

University Positions/Affiliations:

  • Professor, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, University of Toronto
  • Associate Clinical Professor, School of Rehabilitation Science, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University
  • Adjunct Research Professor, School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, Western University
  • Research Associate, CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research, McMaster University
  • Member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, Clinical Health Sciences (Rehabilitation Science) Graduate Programme, Faculty of Health Sciences, McMaster University
  • Full Member of the Rehabilitation Sciences Institute, University of Toronto

Honours and Awards:

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Optimal Care for Children with Disabilities, Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto


Assessments and Measures Developed:

A selection of Dr. King's outcome measures are available to download via the Bloorview Research Institute's online Innovations List 

Current Projects

Appointments at Holland Bloorview



Dr. King has published more than 200 peer-reviewed scholarly publications, and given hundreds of presentations across Canada and internationally. She has held more than 100 research grants as principal investigator or co-investigator, and has developed and published two dozen outcome measures and assessments.

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Selected Peer-Reviewed Publications Since 2016

King, G., Chiarello, L. A., Thompson, L., McLarnon, M. J. W., Smart, E., Ziviani, J., & Pinto, M. (2019). Development of an observational measure of therapy engagement for pediatric rehabilitation. Disability and Rehabilitation, 41(1), 86-97. doi:10.1080/09638288.2017.1375031

King, G., McPherson, A. C., Kingsnorth, S., Gorter, J. W., & DeFinney, A. (2019). Intervention strategies in residential immersive life skills programs for youth with disabilities: A study of active ingredients and program fidelity. Developmental Neurorehabilitation, 22(5), 303-311. doi:10.1080/17518423.2018.1497722

King, G., Schwellnus, H., Servais, M., & Baldwin, P. (2019). Solution-focused coaching in pediatric rehabilitation: Investigating transformative experiences and outcomes for families. Physical & Occupational Therapy In Pediatrics, 39(1), 16-32. doi:10.1080/01942638.2017.1379457

King, G., McPherson, A., Mosleh, D., Hartman, L., Rapley, J., & Pinto, M. (2018). Program opportunities of residential immersive life skills programs for youth with disabilities. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 83, 233-246. doi:10.1016/j.ridd.2018.09.003 

King, G., Seko, Y., Chiarello, L. A., Thompson, L., & Hartman, L. (2018). Building blocks of resiliency: A transactional framework to guide research, service design, and practice in pediatric rehabilitation. Disability and Rehabilitation. doi:10.1080/09638288.2018.1515266

King, G., Imms, C., Stewart, D., Freeman, M., & Nguyen, T. (2018). A transactional framework for pediatric rehabilitation: Shifting the focus to situated contexts, transactional processes, and adaptive developmental outcomes. Disability and Rehabilitation, 40(15), 1829-1841. doi:10.1080/09638288.2017.1309583

King, G., Schwellnus, H., Keenan, S., & Chiarello, L. A. (2018). Youth engagement in pediatric rehabilitation: Service providers’ perceptions in a real-time study of solution-focused coaching for participation goals. Physical & Occupational Therapy In Pediatrics, 38(5), 527-547. doi:10.1080/01942638.2017.1405864

King, G., Parker, K., Peacocke, S., Curran, C. J., McPherson, A. C., Chau, T., Widgett, E., Fehlings, D., & Milo-Manson, G. (2017). Centres for Leadership: A strategy for academic integration. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 31(3), 302-316, doi:10.1108/JHOM-11-2016-0225

King, G., Maxwell, J., Karmali, A., Hagens, S., Pinto, M., Williams, L., & Adamson, K. (2017). Connecting families to their health record and care team: The use, utility, and impact of a client/family portal at a children’s rehabilitation hospital. Journal of Medical Internet Research, 19(4), e97. doi:10.2196/jmir.6811

King, G., Williams, L., & Hahn Goldberg, S. (2017). Family-oriented services in pediatric rehabilitation: A scoping review and framework to promote parent and family wellness. Child: Care, Health, and Development, 43(3), 334-347. doi:10.1111/cch.12435

King, G. (2017). The role of the therapist in therapeutic change: How knowledge from mental health can inform pediatric rehabilitation. Physical & Occupational Therapy In Pediatrics, 37(2), 121-138. doi:10.1080/01942638.2016.1185508

King, G., Servais, M., Shepherd, T. A., Willoughby, C., Bolack, L., Moodie, S., Baldwin, P., Strachan, D., Knickle, K., Pinto, M., Parker, K., & McNaughton, N. (2017). A listening skill educational intervention for pediatric rehabilitation clinicians: A mixed-methods pilot study. Developmental Neurorehabilitation, 20(1), 40-52. doi:10.3109/17518423.2015.1063731

King, G., Orchard, C., Khalili, H., & Avery, L. (2016). Refinement of the Interprofessional Socialization and Valuing Scale (ISVS-21) and development of 9-item equivalent versions. The Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions, 36(3), 171-177. doi:10.1097/CEH.0000000000000082

King, G., Thomson, N., Rothstein, M., Kingsnorth, S., & Parker, K. (2016). Integrating research, clinical care, and education in Academic Health Science Centers. Journal of Health Organization and Management, 30(7), 1140-1160. doi:10.1108/JHOM-11-2015-0177

King, G., Kingsnorth, S., McPherson, A., Jones-Galley, K., Pinto, M., Fellin, M., Timbrell, N., & Savage, D. (2016). Residential immersive life skills programs for youth with physical disabilities: A pilot study of program opportunities, intervention strategies, and youth experiences. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 55, 242-255. doi:10.1016/j.ridd.2016.04.014

King, G., Rigby, P., & Avery, L. (2016). Revised Measure of Environmental Qualities of Activity Settings (MEQAS) for youth leisure and life skills activity settings. Disability and Rehabilitation, 38(15), 1509-1520. doi:10.3109/09638288.2015.1103792

King, G., Kingsnorth, S., Sheffe, S., Vine, R., Crossman, S., Pinto, M., Curran, C. J., & Savage, D. (2016). An inclusive arts-mediated program for children with and without disabilities: Establishing community and an environment for child development through the arts. Children’s Health Care, 45(2), 204-226. doi:10.1080/02739615.2014.996885

King, G., Shepherd, T. A., Servais, M., Willoughby, C., Bolack, L., Strachan, D., Moodie, S., Baldwin, P., Knickle, K., Parker, K., Savage, D., & McNaughton, N. (2016). Developing authentic clinical simulations for effective listening and communication in pediatric rehabilitation service delivery. Developmental Neurorehabilitation, 19(5), 284-294. doi:10.3109/17518423.2014.989461

Book Chapters

King, G., Ziviani, J., & Imms, C. (2019). Participation: Theoretical underpinnings to inform and guide intervention. In D. Greene & C. Imms (Eds.), Participation: Optimising outcomes in childhood-onset neurodisability. London, UK: Mac Keith Press.

King, G., Granlund, M., & Imms, C. (2019). Measuring participation as means: Participation as a transactional system and a process. In D. Greene & C. Imms (Eds.), Participation: Optimising outcomes in childhood-onset neurodisability. London, UK: Mac Keith Press.

King, G., & Servais, M. (2017). Effective Listening and Interactive Communication Scale (ELICS). In D. L. Worthington & G. Bodie (Eds.), Sourcebook of listening research: Methodology and measures (pp. 252-258). Wiley Blackwell.

King, G., & Ziviani, J. (2015). What does engagement look like? Goal-directed behavior in therapy. In A. A. Poulsen, J. Ziviani, & M. Cuskelly (Eds.), Goal setting and motivation in therapy: Engaging children and parents (pp. 70-79). London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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