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Now offering virtual service intakes. Services are being offered virtually at this time, with some exceptions.

About our services

TRLS offers a continuum of evidence-informed community integrated services for children and youth designated to enhance quality of life and support optimal transition across the lifespan. Specialized services are designed to restore, remediate and rehabilitate a person's level of functioning. Our goals are to increase independence and life activities, promote health and wellness and reduce barriers to meaningful participation. Upon acceptance services are tailored to the needs of each individual and integrated within rehabilitation pathways.

More information

Programs offered throughout the year include a variety of recreation and life skills programs that include working individually with staff, skill building groups and workshops.

Structured to support clients and families during important transition points, therapeutic recreation and life skills services are guided by developmental milestones, promoting life skills so that clients learn to function optimally within their home and community environments.  

Experience-based life skills activities teach skills using discussion, role playing, problem-solving, peer teaching and experiential learning techniques. Acquired skills are practised in a simulated and/or real environment where calculated risk taking is encouraged.

Services Delivery Steps for Individuals and Group Programs:


  • We accept self-referrals from parents (or caregivers), and any clinician internal or external
  • We accept referrals from community programs or other agency that provides services for young children.
  • Referral form can be found here.

Initial Screening

  • Clients are scheduled for an initial onsite appointment to learn about our services.
  • Clients are asked to indicate their interest (or goal areas) and our clinicians will assist with a referral or providing meaningful support and resources.  

Ways We Address Goals

  • Individual coaching
  • Group programming
  • Adapted recreation equipment loan
  • Adapted sports and recreation activities
  • Family consultation
  • Resource sharing and community connections

Follow-up Services

  • A block of goal-specific intervention may be booked and provided
  • Connections to appropriate individual and group programs at Holland Bloorview or in the community
  • Strategies are shared to increase participation and independence
  • Group opportunities to practise skills are discussed as an option

Where & When

Follow-up appointments can take place at your home, school, community, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, or virtually, depending on which service you are receiving and type of goal identified.

Clinicians will work with clients and families to identify appropriate appointment times for follow-up interventions to be delivered. 

1-to-1 Support

Please notes that these services do not provide 1:1 support for medical or behavioural needs. If 1:1 support is required while receiving service, it is the client/caregiver's responsibility to make the necessary arrangements.