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Kevin Chung

Kevin Chung

MRI Charge Technologist

Kevin Chung is the MRI Charge Technologist at Holland Bloorview's Research MRI Unit. After working in the clinical health setting and gaining experience for several years, he joined the Bloorview Research Institute (BRI) in 2019 for the unique opportunity to develop a world-class, fully accessible, child-friendly research MRI Unit. Kevin is responsible for operating the MRI scanner to collect research scans while ensuring the safety of participants and research staff and also oversees administrative and departmental needs.  He is enthusiastic to delve into the research field and to contribute to pediatric research that helps remove barriers and create opportunities for children with disabilities. Kevin earned his BSc in Medical Radiations Sciences at the University of Toronto and Diploma at The Michener Institute.

Media expertise

MRI technology, medical imaging, radiography