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Spring 2022

Designed to inspire young minds with imaginative play and encourage skill-building.

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Program Dates:   TBD

Science Club Tuesdays:TBD

This is a series of 6, one and a half workshops to teach young students science concepts using hands on experiments. This series of workshops will introduce young students various scientific concepts integrated with many social skills. Students will engage in hands on activities, watch spectacular demonstrations, and work on educational science-themed experiments that will reinforce concepts they have learned.   This program will also have a strong focus on building fundamental social skills that will progress and foster the development of social literacy. This series will provide an environment for students to grow through a balanced combination of STEM based learning and social development.

Junior Program Wednesdays TBD

This program is designed to engage and motivate children’s’ interest in learning science- and engineering-related subjects. This is done through the use of motorized LEGO models and simple programming. WeDo 2.0 supports a hands-on, “minds on” learning solution that gives students the confidence to ask questions and the tools to find the answers and to solve real-life problems. Students learn by asking questions and solving problems. No prerequisite required.

Intermediate Program Sundays TBD

This program is a challenging and enriching program that offers children extensive and comprehensive understanding of the mechanical, design, build and programming aspects with respect to the EV3 Mindstorms in real world challenges. The knowledge and understanding is geared to link directly to potential careers and feats of engineering. Our mission is to give each participant exposure to the field of engineering and show them the fun of problem solving and critical thinking using an engineering mindset. No prerequisite required

Coding 101 Thursdays TBD

This is a series of 6 one hour workshops to teach young students computer science concepts using an easy to learn programming platforms.  This series of workshops will introduce young students to coding concepts.  They will learn to use Scratch 2.0.  Young students will be learning about their Scratch editor, stage area, sprites, blocks and palette and writing basic scripts.  Students will be able to share their interactive media with other students in the classroom.  They will continue to learn about science and engineering concepts and will code alongside our teaching leads.