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Holland Bloorview’s research institute conducts need-based and ground breaking health research to make a real-world impact in the lives of children and youth with a disability, and their families.

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Project LEApp (Learning to Eat App): Developing an iPad-based video modeling intervention and exploring its feasibility in increasing food variety in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


We are developing a new i-Pad based intervention to address feeding difficulties in children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Participate in this study:

Do you have a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Feeding Difficulties? Considering participating in our study?

Evaluating the Usability of a Novel Concussion Web Portal for High School Students and Staff


We have built a new concussion web portal for high school students and teachers, and we want to see if it is usable. This portal was developed to provide students and staff with concussion resources as well as the tools to create a concussion council and a concussion awareness campaign within their school. We want to know if high school students and staff are able to use the new web portal, what they like and don’t like about the web portal, and what they would change.

Participate in this study:

Are you a high school student or staff member? Considering participating in our study.

Exploring the Role of Social Support after Concussion in High School Students


We want to understand more about social support after a concussion. We want you to share your stories about the role that social support has in concussion recovery. We want to learn what was helpful, difficult or what you wish was different.       


Participate in this study:

Are you a high school student? Have you had a concussion? Considering participating in our study.

Concussion Reporting and Social Support: The Validation of a Novel Concussion Survey


We have developed a new concussion survey for high school students to understand high school student’s knowledge, thoughts on concussion reporting and how they can support a friend who has a had a concussion. We want to know what high school students think of the survey. We are looking for high school’s students input and feedback on the survey. 

Participate in this study:

Are you a high school student? We want your input and feedback on a survey! Considering participating in our study.

Children and Teens in Charge of their Health: A feasibility study of solution-focused coaching to foster healthy lifestyles in children and young people with physical disabilities


We want to see whether a type of coaching called “solution-focused coaching” makes it easier for young people with physical disabilities to be in charge of their own health. This coaching will help young people set goals around healthy eating and doing exercise that is right for you. We also want to hear what you think about healthy habits and what you think about solution-focused coaching.

Participate in this study:

Do you want to be in charge of your own health and learn about physical activity and healthy eating? Considering participating in our study!