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The Bloorview Research Institute is conducting need-based and ground breaking health research. There are many opportunities for research participation in our ongoing studies.

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Exploring the role of FIRST® LEGO® robotics for enhancing social inclusion and participation of children and youth with disabilities: A pilot study


Holland Bloorview has helped to adapt a FIRST® LEGO® robotics program for youth with disabilities. This program is run by FIRST® Robotics Canada with the aim to increase children’s exposure to science, technology, engineering and math while having fun with their peers. This is the first time that Holland Bloorview is running the program. Because of this, we want to learn more about how this program may benefit your child and any improvements for future groups. We will be exploring four areas of the FIRST® LEGO ® robotics program:

-The experiences of participating for participants and parents;

-How the FIRST® LEGO® robotics program was adapted to meet the needs of children with disabilities;

-How interested children and parents participating are in science, technology, engineering or math; and

-Whether and how the program promotes play and a fun environment for participants. 

Participate in this study:

Recruitment is closed at this time.

The embodied experience of returning to school following an acquired brain injury: Body mapping with children following acquired brain injury


We're trying to learn more about what it is like for kids to transition back to school after an acquired brain injury. We will used art-style participation to work with kids to learn more about their experiences.

Participate in this study:

Have you or your child experienced an acquired brain injury in the last two years that you were hospitalized for (even one night)? Have you returned to school? Consider participating in an arts-based research study about transitioning back to school after an acquired brain injury.

ReFrame: A concussion self-management group


We are doing a research study to see if a group self-management program is a good way to help youth and their families manage concussion symptoms.

Participate in this study:

Have you had a concussion? Do you experience persistent concussion symptoms (PCS)? We want to learn if a self-management group will help youth with PCS. 

Computer-based vision screening in pediatric brain injury


We want to learn if a short computer test is a good way to check for vision changes after a brain injury. 

Participate in this study:

Has your child experienced a brain injury or concussion? Have they experienced vision changes? Consider participating in our study!

User-centred development of a smartphone application for adolescents interested in weight management and healthy lifestyles: A qualitative study


We are interested in learning more about technologies like smartphone applications (‘apps’). We want to know if they could help to support young people develop and maintain healthy lifestyles. We want to find out what youth, parents/caregivers, and Healthcare Providers think is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This information will help us develop a healthy lifestyle smartphone app and website.

Participate in this study:

Are you interested in weight management healthy lifestyles? Consider participating in our study!

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