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The Bloorview Research Institute is conducting need-based and ground breaking health research. There are many opportunities for research participation in our ongoing studies.

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Finding the Right Research Study

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A randomized placebo-controlled trial of tideglusib vs. placebo in the treatment of adolescents with ASD


Currently conducting clinical trials to investigate whether a drug called tideglusib helps to improve symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, specifically social engagement, social function, and repetitive behaviours. 

Participate in this study:

Have you been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder?  Do you have social difficulties and/or repetitive behaviours?  You may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial of a medication called tideglusib.


Cerebral Palsy Discovery Project (CPDP) - The Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry (GTA Division)


Cerebral palsy (CP) is the most frequent cause of physical disability in children in Canada, affecting 2-2.5/1000 children every year. This condition is often accompanied by co-morbidities such as visual impairment, auditory limitations, communication difficulties and/or seizures, thereby warranting much needed research into identifying risk factors associated with this disability.

Within the CPDP, this project aims to establish a Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry, to provide an epidemiologic profile of CP in Canada reflecting the full heterogeneity of the disorder and provide a platform for population-based research on CP. It will serve to estimate the incidence, prevalence and distribution of cerebral palsy in Canada, while facilitating research in this field. The Canadian CP Registry will be an expansion of an existing registry in Quebec and has currently been expanded to include children with CP from British Columbia, Alberta, Greater Toronto Area (Toronto & York Regions), Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland.

Participate in this study:

Has your child been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP)? Consider participating in one or both of our research studies:



The Canadian Cerebral Palsy Registry

We’re working on building two databases of information about kids in Ontario (CP-NET) and across Canada (The Canadian CP Registry) who have been diagnosed with CP.  Our goal is to better understand how many kids are affected by CP in different parts of Ontario and Canada and to better understand the causes of CP.  We’re hoping that learning more about what causes CP will transform care and treatments for children and their families.”

A Pilot Study on the Effect of Mindfulness-based Yoga on Youth with Persistent Concussion Symptoms: Bridging Neurophysiology and Functional Outcomes


This research study was testing a mindfulness-based yoga intervention that has not been done with youth who have persistent concussion symptoms. Our goal was to test this intervention to see if it can improve how youth participate in daily activities like going to school, playing sports or being with friends and family.

Participate in this study:

Enhancing healthy and productive work: Employers' perspectives


We want to understand your experiences in providing workplace accommodations and areas that you need help with in providing accommodations to young people with physical disabilities.

Participate in this study:

Are you an employer, manager or human resources personnel who intentionally hire people with disabilities? Consider participating in a study to tell us about your experience.

Enhancing healthy and productive work for young men and women with physical disabilities


We want to understand your experiences in looking for work or being employed. We want to learn about disability disclosure and how to ask for accommodations.

Participate in this study:

Are you a youth between 15-30 who has work experience or is currently looking for employment? Consider participating in a study to tell us about your experience.

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