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Holland Bloorview’s research institute conducts need-based and ground breaking health research to make a real-world impact in the lives of children and youth with a disability, and their families.

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KneuroKnits: Evaluating social participation and anxiety response associated with participation in a knitting group for youth with neurological conditions (ASD teen pilot)


The study will look to understand the social participation and anxiety responses associated with an 8-week group knitting program for youth with ASD.

Participate in this study:

Are you a youth with ASD interested in learning a new skill and interacting with other teens with ASD? Participate in our KneuroKnits knitting program.

Transportation solutions to enhance inclusion


We want to understand what it is like for young people with and without disabilities who travel independently.

Participate in this study:

Do you have experience or expertise with accessible transportation for people with disabilities? Consider participating in a study to tell us about your experience.

Transportation experiences of youth with and without disabilities


Our team would like to learn about transportation experiences of youth with and without disabilities. We would particularly like to know what it is like to navigate public transportation independently and / or the process of obtaining a driver's license.

Participate in this study:

Are you a youth with or without a disability who travels independently? 

Consider participating in a study about youth's experiences in navigating public transportation or getting a license.

How should we explain a research study so more kids understand what’s involved?


Researchers invite children to take part in research. However, children may not know what a study involves or have a tough time making a decision about taking part. We want to learn how well researchers explain research studies to children who are invited to take part.

Participate in this study:

Are you a parent of a child between the ages of 7-14? Are you between the ages of 7 and 14 years? Consider participating in our study!

Toward understanding the real-world effectiveness of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for students in school activity settings


Our research team wants to develop a way to measure the ‘real world’ effectiveness of AAC systems for students with complex communication needs.  We plan to do this by developing a new questionnaire that educators complete to allow us to detect changes in the everyday functioning of students who use AAC systems in school settings.

Participate in this study:

Are you an educator who has supported a student who used AAC within the past two years? Consider taking a survey about students who use AAC at school!