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The Bloorview Research Institute is conducting need-based and ground breaking health research. There are many opportunities for research participation in our ongoing studies.

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Finding the Right Research Study

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List of research studies

Genetic Analysis of Autism Spectrum and Associated Neurodevelopmental Disorders


Our genomics study will identify and characterize genes that confer risk to autism spectrum and related neurodevelopmental disorders. With this knowledge there will be an enhanced biological understanding of ASD, which we believe will facilitate earlier diagnosis and suggest opportunities for therapeutic interventions.

POND-Network: Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Disorders Network (Typically developing)


We are collecting information to help in our understanding of how genes, brain and bodies are different if a person has a Neurodevelopmental disorder or is typically developing. We need to recruit typically developing children to participate in the study as control subjects.


Participate in this study:

Are you interested in science and research? Do you want to help scientists understand Autism and other Neurodevelopmental Disorders? 

A randomized placebo-controlled trial of tideglusib vs. placebo in the treatment of adolescents with ASD


Currently conducting clinical trials to investigate whether a drug called tideglusib helps to improve symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder, specifically social engagement, social function, and repetitive behaviours. 

Participate in this study:

Have you been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder?  Do you have social difficulties and/or repetitive behaviours?  You may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial of a medication called tideglusib.


Province of Ontario Neurodevelopmental Disorders-Network (POND-Network)


To understand how genes affect the brain, body, and behavior and  translate this understanding into new ways to help individuals with autism and associated neurodevelopmental disorders

How do communication systems affect children in school settings?


Our research team wants to develop a way to measure the ‘real world’ effectiveness of AAC systems for students with complex communication needs.  We plan to do this by creating a new questionnaire that teachers and educational assistants complete. 

Participate in this study:

Are you a youth who has used AAC in school?  Are you an educator or occupational therapist who has AAC experience?

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