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Holland Bloorview’s research institute conducts need-based and ground breaking health research to make a real-world impact in the lives of children and youth with a disability, and their families.

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Evaluating grip strength in response to auditory stimulus: Exploring a dual task paradigm for concussed youth and their non-concussed peers


We want to learn more about recovery from sports-related concussion in youth. We will be measuring grip strength and reaction time separately and then together to see if there are subtle differences in kids who have had a concussion versus those who have not.

Participate in this study:

Do you want to help us learn what happens to the grip strength and auditory reaction time after a concussion in youth? Consider participating in a research study!

Parent experiences of community-based autism spectrum disorder diagnostic assessments performed by general paediatricians


What is this study about?

Our team is performing interviews with parents or guardians of children who have been newly diagnosed with ASD by general paediatricians in the community in Ontario. We want to know more about what the process is like for families and about the role of community general paediatricians in ASD diagnosis.

Participate in this study:

Do you have a child who was recently diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by a general paediatrician? Participate in our study exploring parental or guardian experiences of ASD diagnostic assessments.

Participants will receive a $25 gift card to Indigo.ca as appreciation for their time.

A Pilot Study on the Effect of Mindfulness-based Yoga on Youth with Persistent Concussion Symptoms: Bridging Neurophysiology and Functional Outcomes


This research study was testing a mindfulness-based yoga intervention that has not been done with youth who have persistent concussion symptoms. Our goal was to test this intervention to see if it can improve how youth participate in daily activities like going to school, playing sports or being with friends and family.

For more information about this study, please contact:

Melissa Paniccia, PhD Student

 Email: mpaniccia@hollandbloorview.ca

Ratings of experiences in outpatient appointments


Our research team thinks that you can help us understand the ways in which children/youth and parents/caregivers feel involved and not involved in their appointments. 

Participate in this study:

Want to help us evaluate current questionnaires of client and caregiver involvement in outpatient appointments? Consider participating in our study so that we can make our questionnaires work!

Measuring Muscle Patterns in Accelerometer-based Mechanomyography during Pediatric Gait


Participate in a study of a system to measure the properties of muscles

Participate in this study:

What is this study about?

For this study we are looking into a new method for measuring muscle activation during walking. We will be comparing a control group of typically developing children to children with walking difficulties. A non-invasive system called mechanomyography (MMG) will be used to collect the signals created by muscles while walking.