Holland Bloorview FIRST® Robotics

Designed to inspire young minds with imaginative play and encourage skill-building..

Boy plays robots

The program opens new opportunities for kids to engage in a groundbreaking robotic LEGO experience. Through the program, children and youth will develop and refine decision-making and socialization skills, all while making friends. The program is led by Holland Bloorview staff, Bloorview Research Institute engineers, and FIRST Robotics Canada staff in a group environment with individualized support available.

Please note that one-on-one support is not provided. If a participant requires dedicated one-on-one support, the family will be asked to provide it. Please contact us if you are unsure whether your child needs additional support.

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Important notice about registration

We are currently only accepting applications for Fall 2019. Applications for other sessions - Winter and Spring will not be accepted or reviewed at this time.


The program fee is $60 per person.  We do not provide 1:1 support.  A family may be required to provide their own 1:1 support before their spot is confirmed.