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In the CP Discovery Lab, we do research to innovate and evaluate neurorehabilitation treatments for children and youth with cerebral palsy.


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CP Discovery Lab Leads CP Neuroscience Discovery Networks



The Childhood Cerebral Palsy (CP) Integrated Neuroscience Discovery Network "CP-NET" is a Ontario based research-based innovation initiative designed to improve the care of childhood CP from prevention to treatment. CP-NET involves 30+ researchers from across 15 academic and clinical sites in Ontario. CP-NET also includes patient advocacy groups and the industrial sector.  

CP-NET Executive:

Fehlings D (Lead), deVeber G, Fehlings M, Menon R, Rosenbaum P, Scherer S.  

Funding Agency: 

Ontario Brain Institute $7,500,000 (2013-2018); $1,500,000 (2012-2013)

CP-NET Website:


For more information please visit: www.cp-net.org

Cerebral Palsy Discovery Project (CPDP)


The CPDP is an integrated national research group with goals spanning from “Cell to Person”. The CPDP brings together an inter-disciplinary research team that will work synergistically to increase our understanding of the causes of CP and explore potential avenues for prevention and treatment.

CPDP Lead Researchers: 

Fehlings D (Lead), Yager J (Co-Lead), Fehlings M, Kirton A, Majnemer A, Miller S, Oskoui M, Shevell M, Shikako-Thomas K

Funding Agency: 

Kids Brain Health Network (formally known as NeuroDevNet)

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CP Discovery Lab Current Research Studies: