Therapists’ Beliefs Regarding the Value of Walking: Implications for Physical Rehabilitation with Children with Cerebral Palsy

Implications for Physical Rehabilitation


In this study, we are trying to better understand the ways in which rehabilitation professionals think about the value of walking for children with cerebral palsy. We are interested in learning how these beliefs shape the rehabilitation practices, the priorities of therapists in providing care to children with cerebral palsy, and their perceptions of positive outcomes. We also aim to describe how therapists engage parents and children in decision-making regarding walking goals and interventions. 


Barbara Gibson, PhD, MSc, BMR(PT)Virginia Wright, PhD,Gail Teachman

What's Involved

We interviewed 13 physical therapists who had at least one year experience working with children with cerebral palsy. 

Funding Agency

University of Toronto Connaught New Researcher Grant

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