Social ABCs for Toddlers with Suspected Autism: Evaluation of a Parent-Mediated Intervention

Behavioural Intervention


To evaluate the efficacy of the Social ABC’s intervention program on improving language/communication skills and positive emotion sharing in toddlers with clinically significant concerns or a diagnosis of ASD.


Jessica Brian, PhD

Who can participate

The target age group for this study is 12-30 months with recruitment in Toronto happening primarily through the Infant Sibling research study.

What's Involved

The research team, led by Psychologist, Jessica Brian, is investigating the effectiveness of a parent-coaching early intervention program for toddlers with suspected ASD or who have already received this diagnosis. For the past 3 years, the team here in Toronto has been working jointly with the team from the IWK in Halifax, N.S., led by Dr. Susan Bryson, teaching the “Social ABC’s” strategies to a total of 60 families. We are currently at the end of the current phase of the study;  a Randomized Control Trial (RCT) in which half of the families will learn the Social ABC’s strategies right away while the others will act as a Control Group for the first 6 months, with an option to receive the parent coaching following this time.

Interested in participating

Recruitment is closed at this time. 

Funding Agency

Autism Speaks

Sinneave Family Foundation

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