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Please note, masking is still mandatory at Holland Bloorview. A medical grade mask will be available upon entry.


Care for the Caregiver

Access resources to help caregivers find the support they need.

Heart above an open palm

While it is the role of all parents to take care of their children, the parents of kids with special needs face extra challenges and requirements. Our role goes beyond parenting – we are caregivers to our kids.

It is important to acknowledge these extra demands, as caregivers often prioritize their children’s needs before their own. Unless we take active steps toward self-care, we run the risk of burning out. The health of the caregiver directly impacts the child they are caring for.

But what is self-care and how do we achieve it? For some it may be taking care of yourself physically, eating right and exercising. For others, finding ways to deal with the higher level of on-going stress that caregivers experience is critical to maintaining our mental health. Each caregiver must find what’s right for them.

The Family Advisory Committee, in partnership with Holland Bloorview, has collected the following resources to help caregivers find the support they need.