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The work conducted in the proFILE Lab addresses timely research questions around promotion of the health and well-being of children with disabilities and long term conditions. Weight-related issues (including overweight and obesity, physical activity and nutrition) are priority areas of investigation, which broadly fall into the following categories:

  • Assessing and monitoring weight and health: Identifying appropriate anthropometric assessments and outcome measures for children with disabilities. Development of inclusive, holistic health screening tools for all children.
  • Prevention/management of obesity: Developing and evaluating innovative, evidence-based health promotion interventions for children with disabilities.
  • Weight-related communication: Developing best practices in weight-related communication; understanding consultation priorities for parents, children and health care professionals; and developing tools to assist in positive communications around weight and health with children and families.

Integral to the work conducted by Dr. Amy McPherson and the members of her lab is the involvement of multiple stakeholders, including healthcare professionals, parents, children and policy-makers, to develop a detailed and nuanced understanding of healthy lifestyles with a disability lens.

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