A pilot study to explore the short-term impact of acute physical fatigue on sensory, motor and cognitive processes in ambulatory youth with cerebral palsy.

Short-Term Impact of Acute Physical Fatigue in Ambulatory Youth with CP


The overarching goal of this work is to develop a better understanding of the effects of acute fatigue on the physical and cognitive functioning of children and youths with cerebral palsy (CP), and in turn, to recommend clinical practices that are effective in targeting and enhancing concomitantly their physical and cognitive abilities.


Elaine Biddiss, MASc, PhDJan Andrysek, PhD, PEng,Dominik Wyss, Julien Voisin, Desire Maltais, Karl Zabjek, Laurent Broyer

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Data collection completed

Funding Agency

•BRI - Université

•Laval Research Chair in Cerebral Palsy Collaborative

•Catalyst Grant Competition

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