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Red-haired woman smiling wearing a black and white striped shirt.

Tori Gaasenbeek

Tori Gaasenbeek is an elementary school teacher who feels strongly about helping all her students discover their superpowers, which is part of the reason she loves Capes for Kids! She has a B.Ed from Queen's University with Primary/Junior/Intermediate qualifications and an undergraduate degree in Biology. She is currently pursuing her Professional Masters of Education. Tori has always had a love for teaching and learning.  She has worked as a teaching assistant at Queen’s and has taught students overseas in England as well as students in China through an online platform. Tori was the head of Queen’s Students for Special Olympics, where she organized and coached free soccer and basketball programs for youth with intellectual disabilities in Kingston.  She has a passion for working with kids and for creating inclusive learning communities.  Tori believes in helping each and every one of her students to reach their full potentials sharing in Holland Bloorview’s mission to create a world of possibility. Tori is very excited to join the Catalyst Council in order to spread awareness and to support such an amazing hospital!