FOCUS© Outcome Measure - Publications

How do we know the FOCUS works?

A three year research study was completed to examine the validity of the FOCUS. One hundred and fifty-five preschool children with a variety of communication disorders participated in the study. The FOCUS was completed at assessment, the start of treatment and the end of the treatment block. Nine hours of individual and/or group treatment was provided. The FOCUS measured more change during the treatment interval than during the wait list interval, although positive change was measured during both intervals. Some change was expected during the wait list interval as communication strategies were provided to parents during the wait list interval.  

Changes on the FOCUS were also compared to a measure of social and emotional skills. As predicted, a moderate correlation was found between this measure and FOCUS scores.

FOCUS is a new broadly applicable measure of ‘communicative participation’ for preschool children. It is able to measure changes in communication skills and participation/performance after 9 hours of speech-language therapy. The predicted relationships with a measure of social-emotional skills were confirmed, indicating that FOCUS has strong construct validity. More detailed results of the FOCUS validity study will be published shortly.

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