5th Annual BRI Symposium - 2010

The theme of the 5th Annual BRI Symposium was Evaluation of Care. The BRI showcases Holland Bloorview's talented scientist and students through a full day of posters and presentations.

Jessica Brian,
Isabel Smith,
Theresa McCormick,
Erin Dowds,
Wendy Roberts,
Lonnie Zwaigenbaum,
Susan Bryson, et al.

Enhancing Positive Emotion Sharing in Toddlers at High Risk for Autism: Findings from the Social ABCs Parent-Mediated Intervention

Devra Rich,
Virginia Wright,
Patty Rigby

Shifting the Spotlight: Parental Experiences with the Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory (PEDI)

Nancy Thomas-Stonell,
Bernadette Robertson,
Bruce Oddson,
Joan Walker,
Jamie Young,
Peter Rosenbaum

Evaluating the Convergent and Discriminant Validity of the FOCUS (Focus on the Outcomes of Communication Under Six)

Navneet Binepal, 
Lauren Switzer
Darcy Fehlings

Identifying Potential Causes of Pain in Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Clemence Tsang,
Karl Zabjek,  
Lauren Dade

The Impact of Divided Attention on Mobility in Children Who Have Suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury

Unni G. Narayanan,
Laurie d’Oliveira,
David Nicholas,
Shannon Weir,
Beverley Antle

Phenomenology of Parental Priorities for Severe Childhood Disability: Concerns, Needs and Expectations of Parents of Children with Severe Non-Ambulant CP

Virginia Wright,
Darcy Fehlings

Development and Pilot-Testing of a New Advanced Motor Skills Measure for Children with Cerebral Palsy (CP)

THEME: Inclusion and Participation

Lindsay Stephens,
Henna Aslam,
Patricia McKeever,
Sue Ruddick

‘Fitting in’ at School:  Disabled Kids’ Perspectives on Adaptations Made at School

Barbara E. Gibson,
Gail Teachman,
Virginia Wright,
Darcy Fehlings,
Nancy Young,
Patricia McKeever

Children’s and Parents’ Beliefs Regarding the Value of Walking: Implications for Rehabilitation With Children With Cerebral Palsy

Stefanie Blain,
Shauna Kingsnorth,
Lindsay  Stephens,
Patricia McKeever

Measuring the Effects of Arts-Based Interventions on Nurses: A Case Study of Therapeutic Clowning

Sally Lindsay,
Carolyn Mcdougall,
Robyn Sanford,
Tracey Adams

Youth@Work: Exploring the First Work Experiences of Youth with Disabilities

Sally Lindsay,
Amy McPherson

Stopping the Silence about Bullying and Exclusion: Hearing the Vices of Youth with Disabilities

Amy C McPherson,
Miriam L Gofine

An Evaluation of Online Information for Children about Chronic Conditions

Amy C McPherson,
Sally Lindsay

It Might Taste Good, but It’s Bad For You. How Do Children with Disabilities View ‘Healthy Living’?

Oana Craciunoiu,
Dana Baxter,
Patty Rigby

A Critical Review of Assessments of Environmental Factors Influencing Activity and Participation

Suzanne Robinson,
Sally Lindsay,
Carolyn Mcdougall,
Robyn Sanford,  
Tracey Adams

Improving Inclusion and Employment Opportunities for Youth with Disabilities 

Shauna Kingsnorth,
Sally Lindsay,
Joanne Maxwell,
Irina Tsybina,
Hannah Seo, 
Colin Macarthur,
Mark Bayley

Longitudinal Evaluation of Transition Services: Process Evaluation from Staff Perspectives

THEME: Innovation and Development

Alex Andrews,
Azadeh Kushki,
Tom Chau

Classification of States of Emotional Arousal in Youth with CCC and AAC Needs Using Physiological Signals

Jan Andrysek,
Susan Klejman,
Ricardo Torres-Moreno,
Bryan Steinnagel,
Shane Glasford,
Karl Zabjek,
Nancy Salbach,
Kim Moody

To Wii or Not to Wii? That is the Question - A Study of Children and Youth with Lower Limb Amputation

Elaine Biddiss,
Elizabeth Han

Detecting Anxiety Through Song: Mapping Physiological Indicators to Music

Hayley Faulkner,
Tom Chau

Detection of Self-Controlled Cerebral Perfusion Using Transcranial Doppler

Amanda Fleury,
Tom Chau,
Evdokia Anagnostou

Fractal Dynamics of Circle Drawing in Children with ASD

Delbert Hung,
Elaine Biddiss,
Tom Chau

Ecological Factors of Emotion Recognition Using Physiological Signals

Azadeh Kushki,
Tom Chau,
Evdokia Anagnostou

Handwriting Difficulties in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders – A Scoping Survey

Brian Leung,
Tom Chau

Reducing False Positive Rate of Single-Switch Scanning via Patterns in Physiological and Physical Signals?

Céleste Mérey,
Ervin Sejdić,
Tom Chau

Quantitative Classification of Swallowing through Accelerometry

Saba Moghimi,
Azadeh Kushki,
Anne Marie Guerguerian,
Tom Chau

EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces as Access Pathways for Individuals with Severe Disabilities: A Literature Review

Leslie Mumford,
Tom Chau

Identification and Development of Individualized Access Pathways Based on Response Efficiency Theory

Andrew Myrden,
Tom Chau

Detecting and Classifying Cognitive Activity Based on Changes in Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity

Michele Pla,
Azadeh Kushki,
Tom Chau,
Evdokia Anagnostou

Quantification of Anxiety Levels in Children with Autism Based on Changes in Physiological Signals

Alex Posatskiy,
Tom Chau

Sensor Design for Physiological Low-Frequency Vibration Measurement: A Study of Sensor Parameters, Signal Amplification, and Fixation Methods in Measuring Mechanomyography (MMG) in Clinical Environments

Sarah Power,
Azadeh Kushki,
Tom Chau

Investigating the Feasibility of a Cognitive Task-Based NIRS-BCI That Supports the “No-Control” State

Alfred Renaud,
Fraser Shein,
Vivian Tsang

Grammaticality Judgement in a Word Completion Task

Casey Eisenberg,
Stephanie Horner,
Anne Marie Renzoni,
Stephen Ryan

Reliability of the Family Impact of Assistive Technology Scale for Augmentative and Alternative Communication Systems (FIATS-AAC)

Danielle D’Alessandro,
Ava-Lee Kotler,
Mary-Beth Sophianopoulos,
Marla Bigel,
Stephen Ryan

Responsiveness of a Writing Performance Measure for Students with Writing Impairments

Heidi Schwellnus,
Cynthia Tam,
Tom Chau

How Similar is a Child’s Handwriting with an Instrumented Pen on a Computer Tablet Compared to a Regular Pencil and Paper?

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