Evaluation of Social ABCs with Attention Training Intervention for Toddlers with Suspected Autism

Behavioural Intervention


Determine whether adding pre-intervention attentional training increases the effectiveness of the Social ABCs intervention program with particular focus on toddlers' social orienting.


Jessica Brian, PhD

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Who can participate

The target group for this study are toddlers (and their caregivers) who are between 12-30 months and are at risk for developing ASD or who already have a diagnosis of ASD.  Recruitment in Toronto is happening through the Infant Sibling research study and community referrals.  Participants must live within 50km of Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and the parent must be home with the child at least 2.5 days of the Monday-Friday week.

What's Involved

The research team, led by Psychologist, Dr. Jessica Brian, recently completed a Randomized Control Trial suggesting that the Social ABCs early intervention parent-training program is effective in increasing vocal communication skills and sharing of positive emotions in toddlers with suspected ASD.  The current study is investigating whether or not taking part in a computer-based attention training program before receiving the Social ABCs improves the child's attention skills and increases the child's overall responsiveness to the intervention. 

Interested in participating

Enrolling for Fall 2017.

Waitlist is now open please contact Robyn Budovitch at extension 3522.

Funding Agency

Brain Canada & Azrieli Neurodevelopmental Research Program

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