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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We will update these documents regularly based on new questions that will arise.

Sign up for a Screening Shift 

Automated Scheduling System for Active Screening

We are happy to announce the launch of the PickATime automated scheduling system to coordinate the active screening process at our entrances

The PickATime system will allow staff to log in and book a shift that is convenient for their schedule.  The system is now live and available for booking shifts.  

Please note that at present time, casual staff are not eligible to sign up for these shifts; please contact the HR team if you have additional questions regarding this matter. If you have been redeployed into another role, please do not sign up for screening shifts at this time

The system will generate automatic confirmation emails and reminder emails 24 hours before shifts start. Text message reminders are also enabled for users who enter their cellphone numbers.  An additional advantage of this system is that it can be accessed from your home computer or personal device, wherever and whenever needed.  There is also the option for users to change and modify their own shifts up to 48 hours in advance (within 48 hours please reach out directly to Kim Jones-Galley for screener shifts, Elizabeth Dunphy for trainer shifts and Rohan Mahabir for backup support.

To access the schedules and book a shift, click on the below links:

Please note that we are in particular need to fill weekend and evening shifts – if you are available to fill these shifts, we would greatly appreciate it.   All eligible staff can book screener shifts, but only staff who have completed the 1 hour "train the trainer" session with Amy can book trainer shifts.   

Visitor screening: Main Entrance

Staff screening: BSA Entrance  

Trainer Shifts  

For additional instructions, please click here.

 If you're booking a shift for the first time, enter your email address and use the following password: 123456. Once logged in, please reset your password.

For your convenience, please consider entering your cellphone number for automatic text reminders to be sent directly to your device.  This information will be held in strict confidence and no other screeners or trainers will have access to other cellphone numbers. 

If you have any questions, please direct them to the list of team members below based on the nature of inquiries: 

  • Larissa Haluszka-Smith at ext. 7034  – system support for PickATime
  • Kim Jones-Galley at ext. 3645  – Screener coordination
  • Elizabeth Dunphy at ext. 3730 – Trainer coordination
  • Rohan Mahbir at ext. 3801  – onsite technical support and backup support for screener and trainer coordination
  • James Murphy at ext. 6490 – oversight of the active screening process

Please note that there is a large number of inquiries regarding the screening process, and we appreciate your patience while we respond to each one. 

Thank you everyone for supporting the active screening process and keeping our hospital safe. 


Virtual Care

Videos: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Donning and doffing procedure for masks

Donning your Personal Protective Equipment

Doffing your Personal Protective Equipment

PPE and Mask Instructions 

Employee Mental Health and Wellness

PPE Dashboard 

We are monitoring our supply of PPE daily to ensure our supply will sustain us through the COVID-19 pandemic.
This dashboard will be updated every Wednesday.