2016 Student Defenses

Samantha D'Souza, MSc

CP Discovery lab



"Over the past two years, the experiences I have gained at the BRI have truly been invaluable. I am grateful for the endless encouragement and support I have received, which has not only helped to increase my skill set, but has also fostered new academic opportunities."

Investigating Sensory Plasticity in Children with Hemiplegic Cerebral palsy Following Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy

Jessica Tomasi, MHSc



"The Bloorview Research Institute is a uniquely collaborative and inspiring place to work and study. Both the academic support and sense of community within our lab, and the Research Institute as a whole, enriched my graduate student experience and made my time at Holland Bloorview two years to remember. Thank you!"

Development and evaluation of a Sensor System to monitor the stance-phase control function of the Automatic Stance-Phase Lock (ASPL) mechanism

Sarah Sarabadani, MASc

Autism Research Centre



"Having the opportunity of working in the warm and supportive environment of BRI provided me with lots of valuable professional outcomes. Conducting study with direct interaction with children with autism and feeling that you have an impact on their lives was a great and exciting part of my work."

Physiological Detection of Emotional States in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Zahra Emami, MASc

prism lab



"It has been a wonderful past couple of years getting to know the talented and passionate people that make up BRI. If the BRI environment was any more enjoyable than it was, I would have been distracted from my own research!"

Addressing the Effects of Distractors in a Brain-Computer Interface

Nicole Proulx, MASc

prism lab



"The BRI was a positive and supportive environment which continuously motivated me to learn more and pursue research which would improve quality of life."

Detection and Online Classification of the Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Fast Optical Signal for Brain-Computer Interfaces

Elias Abou Zied, PhD

prism lab




"I enjoyed a motivating environment, where research is put into practice to enable kids with disabilities."

A Ternary Brain-computer Interface based on Single-trial Readiness Potentials of Self-initiated Fine Movements